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Car Bra

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Having a car bra is a big help to a car. Not only can it help in giving more protection to the vehicle, it can also contribute to its looks.
A car bra is no dinky, lacy piece of fabric that is used to add up more front end protection. Actually, iot does add up more protection but it is more than just sexy, it is hardy.
The car bra, which is also called a front-end mask, is a spread of vinyl that can be wrapped around the front-end of the vehicle. It adds more protection against flying debris and other objects that can damage your front end's finish. It can hampen a projectile's force upon crashing on the vehicle's chassis, preventing ugly dents and scratches. With the heavy vinyl outer layer and padding underneath, a car bra can stop the force of a chunk of debris.
More than just a protective measure, a car bra is also a styling accessory. It can add a sleek, custom look to car's common and dull look. It does not only wrap around your car, it also let's it breathe. When wet, the vinyl over can let the finish to dry up and the car bra can easily dry up even while the car is moving. Installation is also not a problem for these can be attached to the vehicle within minutes.

Car Bra Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Car Bra

    As unusual as it may seem, one of the best ways to protect your car's finish is to use a bra. A car bra, that is. Unlike the bra most people are familiar with, a car bra is designed to protect your vehicle from mud or water splashes and road debris.Made from durable, soft-backed vinyl, this protective accessory acts as a shield for your car's hood and front section. Your vehicle's fascia is exposed to a lot of damage, especially from debris such as road gravel and stones.The car bra prevents these damaging elements from affecting the front end's paint job or finish. And don't worry, car bras are usually custom-designed with cut-outs for the grille and headlights, so you don't have to do any cutting or trimming. If you want to protect your car's finish from harmful road elements, investing in this protective accessory is definitely a good idea.Auto Parts Deal has the perfect car bra for your specific car model. Check out our catalogs to see for yourself!

    • Protects your car's fascia from scratches and nicks caused by road debris

    • Made from tough vinyl for maximum durability

    • Custom-designed to perfectly fit the contours of your vehicle's front end