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Enjoy full throttle and proper engine combustion, so long as you maintain your carburetor. So make sure it's at its best.
Many vehicles are already equipped with an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system. However, most enthusiasts still prefer the simpler carburetor (carb). Why? Because despite the benefits of EFIs, carburetors still boast of a lot of advantages. If you are a power enthusiast who still holds on to your carburetor despite the growing popularity of fuel injection, there's no reason to worry. Carbs are here to stay for more years to come.
Compared to EFIs that use nozzles and injectors to supply fuel to the engine, carbs and carburetor parts are a lot simpler. There is a tube that narrows in the middle to create pressure, with a hole in the tube's narrowest part through which fuel is supplied. Air passes through the tube and combines with fuel, and a throttle plate at the other end controls the flow of the air-fuel mixture. This design is basically simple, and this makes carbs popular among racers. Plus, carburetors are capable of producing more peak power compared to fuel injection systems because they atomize gas a lot better than EFIs do, thanks to their pressure differential.
So if you have a carburetor in your auto, the onset of fuel injection need not bother you. With proper carb tuning and maintenance, you can still enjoy a lot of powerful drives in your ride. Just see to it that you take care of your stock component and you get only a high-quality replacement once the need arises.

Carburetor Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Carburetor

    The performance of your vehicle's engine mainly relies on the fuel-air mixture fed to the engine's cylinders. For the engine to consistently receive a mixture with just the right amount of fuel and air, your vehicle is equipped with a carburetor. The right mixture of air and fuel is necessary for proper fuel combustion. To come up with the right mixture, the carburetor calculates the needed ratio of air to the fuel depending on the engine's load. The carburetor also deals with factors such as air and fuel temperature, changes in acceleration, and the difference between operating with a partly-open and a fully-open throttle. Besides this task, the carburetor filters the air intake and distributes the proper amount of fuel to the air stream to feed the engine. The carburetor's failure to regulate the mixture of air and fuel will cause irregularities in engine performance. So once the carburetor's damaged, replace it right away. You can get your vehicle's next carburetor at a cheaper price here at Auto Parts Deal!

    • Regulates fuel and air mixture fed to the engine

    • Includes primary throttle plates, shaft bushings, gaskets, vacuum diaphragms, rubber shoes, O-rings, electric choke cap and accelerated pump cup

    • Helps ensure better engine performance