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Iwant to keep my car for as long as possible
and I want it to look and run great.

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  • Under hood checks
    once a week or when refueling.

  • Oil change
    Every 3000 miles with oil filter

  • Washing
    Once a week  Hand washing is best, but if you must use a car wash, find one that is brushless and relies on high pressure water or attendants that soap the car by hand.

  • Waxing
    Every 6 months with a good quality non-abrasive wax.  Once a year put some wax on the door jams and the underside of the trunk.  If you're ambitious, you could spend some time detailing the under-hood area, or have it done by a professional if you're not comfortable handling machinery.

  • Align & Balance
    Have car checked every 12,000 miles or the first time you notice unusual steering behavior or a vibration at highway speeds.

  • Tire rotation
    Every 6,000 miles following the manufacturers rotation recommendation.  If you have a matching spare, include it in the rotation

  • Tune up
    Follow manufacturer's recommendation.

  • Winterizing
    Every two years.

  • Timing belt
    If your car has one, every 60,000 miles or follow manufacturer's recommendation if it is longer.

  • Filters
    Follow manufacturer's recommendation.

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