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Cargo Bar

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The tailgate can't completely protect the cargo you load on your truck bed. Even with a functional tailgate, your belongings can slide around it while you drive. To prevent hassles such as spilled liquids and broken stuff, equip your truck bed with a cargo bar.It's just like putting up a divider in your truck's cargo area. The bar easily clamps against the bed's side panels and can be lengthened or shortened depending on the width of the bed. No matter how heavy the cargo is, this bar won't budge.It even allows you to quickly organize the cargo on your truck's bed. For example, you can keep groceries on one side of the bar, and your tools and equipment on the other.The cargo bar is a convenient accessory to have in your truck's bed, especially if you're hauling precious or fragile cargo. If you're interested in getting one, various cargo bars are available at Carparts.

• Length can be adjusted from 45 to 70 inches

• Has large rubber pads with a secure grip that won't budge

• Keeps your cargo from getting thrown around your truck's bed