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Installation Procedure for Your Vehicle's New Carpet Kit

All manner of spilled drinks, crumbs, dirt and debris get into your car. A good vacuum once in a while does a good job of making it look clean but eventually, you will need to replace the whole thing. Installing a new carpet is a tedious process, requiring the removal of your car's interior components and some extensive cleaning. Be sure to reserve an entire morning or afternoon for the job.

Required skill level: Intermediate

Needed tools and materials

  • Carpet kit
  • Socket set
  • Screwdriver
  • Utility Knife
  • Razor blade
  • Wire brush
  • Commercial cleaner
  • Rag
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Adhesives
  • Preparing the car

    Remove all the seats inside the vehicle. Use the screwdriver or the socket set to remove the screws or the bolts securing them. Remove all the other things that could get in the way like the transmission shift stick, floor mats, the console, etc.

    Removing the old carpet

    Pull up the carpet carefully to remove it. Start from one side and work your way towards the other end. Some automobile carpets are secured by panels, clips, bolts or fasteners so use the appropriate tools to remove them. Remove the sound deadening material underneath the carpet as well.

    Cleaning up

    Remove all remaining debris with the vacuum cleaner then scrape off any remaining adhesive residue using the knife, razor blade and wire brush. Wipe the floor clean with a rag and commercial cleaner. Wait a few minutes for the entire thing to dry.

    Installing the new carpet

    Measure and trim the carpet if necessary so that it's at the appropriate size. Cut out appropriate holes for the shift stick, seat and other interior components of the car if none are present. Lay out the carpet inside the vehicle to determine if it fits perfectly; trim it where necessary. Add the adhesives underneath the carpet to secure it. Work on the carpet carefully from one side of the vehicle to the other. Reinstall all the bolts, screws and other components securing the carpet. Reinstall the seats and other components inside the vehicle.

    Carpet Kit Articles

    • Rugged Ridge vs. Newark Auto Products: A Test of Price, Durability, and Construction

      There is nothing like a brand new carpet to keep your vehicle looking and smelling good as new. Newark Auto Products and Rugged Ridge both offer OEM quality replacement carpet kits for your vehicle. But which one of them offers the better product? For the sake of comparison, we got carpets, made for the 2009 Ford Explorer, from both companies. Read on to find out our verdict.


      Polypropylene is used for most Rugged Ridge carpets. This so-called "Space age" polymer definitely feels tough to the touch. It easily shrugs off chemicals spills while preventing the growth of mildew. Newark makes use of Nylon to make their carpets. They look and feel good though their durability may come into question at times.

      WINNER: Rugged Ridge


      Carpets made by Rugged Ridge have multiple layers that provide additional padding and sound deadening qualities. These layers also provide superb durability. Newark carpets also have additional layers for comfort and sound muffling, but they're not as thick or as heavily built.

      WINNER: Rugged Ridge


      Both manufacturers offer direct-fit carpets for easy installation. The carpet kits offered by both companies come in different-sized pieces that are assembled to cover the whole floor area of the vehicle. Both carpets seemed to fit the Ford Explorer without any problem.

      WINNER: Rugged Ridge and Newark Auto Products


      Rugged Ridge offers a three-year warranty for their carpets while Newark Auto Products offer none.

      WINNER: Rugged Ridge


      Newark Auto Products sell their carpet kit for about $50 to $100 while rugged Ridge carpets cost around $200 and more. This puts the price difference between to $100 and up.

      WINNER: Newark Auto Products

      The verdict

      Rugged Ridge carpet kits are simply superb. The high-quality materials and the top-notch construction that go into their products make them a sure-buy. But such quality comes at a high cost. Newark Auto Products may not have the best carpets, but they're adequate enough for any vehicle. If you've got the money to spend, then you won't go wrong with Rugged Ridge. Those on a budget, on the other hand, will find themselves please with Newark.