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Experiencing some problem with your catalytic converters? Then you might be needing a change now. So shift loyalty to Catco Catalytic Converters and you'll never need another replacement in your lifetime. If you start to hear some noise in your car's engine, then your oxygen sensor might be starting to be defective that later on causes failure to your catalytic converters. Improper management to your car's regular tune up can put your catalytic converters to a total wreck.

Catalytic converters become defective when clogged, poisoned, or physically damaged. A good sign of a bad catalytic converter will be a sudden decrease in performance and a noticeable decrease in fuel economy. A clogged catalytic converter traps exhaust gas in front of the catalyst, which then creates back-pressure that prevents your engine from breathing properly. Your engine may also suddenly quit after a few minutes of driving with an increased back-pressure. It makes the engine feel like it is starving for fuel. Another sure sign that your catalytic converter is bad is when you can hear rattling noises emitting from the catalyst. Sometimes you may actually hear a whistling sound when the throttle is applied indicating a restricted exhaust flow or catalytic converter problem. This rattling may also be noticed more when the car is not doing anything while the engine is running.

The Catco Catalytic Converters are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility with exacting specifications. That means that when you install a new Catco Catalytic Converter, you're not going to have to do it again for a long time. Installing a Catco Catalytic Converter is not only easy but is also less painful to your wallet. Our Catco Converter, Catco High Flow Catalytic Converter and the rest of the Catco Catalytic Converter Parts have been priced at wholesale to guarantee you the best deal around. For the largest Catco Catalytic Converter Parts inventory online, shop with us.

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    Don't settle for a stock converter when you can get a high-flow Catco catalytic converter for your vehicle

    Catco converters can give you OE fit and quality at significant savings over a factory converter

    Avoiding vehicle inspection can cost you big: You don't have to worry about the emissions police when you have a Catco converter

    Catco converters use stainless and aluminized steels to promote long life on all their converters

    Have you gotten over the fact that you have to run a catalytic converter? They're here to stay, and most of us have learned to live with them. It's been made easier, too, thanks to the Catco catalytic converter. Just because you have to use a cat doesn't mean you have to settle for a stock cat. You can bolt on a performance Catco catalytic converter and free up some horsepower while you keep the emissions cops happy. A Catco catalytic converter features lots of practical benefits over a stock cat. You get a stainless steel body, aluminized heat shields, and thick materials used throughout. That ensures that your Catco catalytic converter lasts a lot longer than a stock cat. But the fun part lies in the free-breathing nature of a Catco catalytic converter. Thanks to some clever engineering, a Catco catalytic converter will out-flow a stock converter by a significant margin. After all, your vehicle manufacturer just wanted to keep the exhaust clean. You can do better by installing a Catco catalytic converter in place of the restrictive stock cat. You can get a Catco catalytic converter in an OE direct-fit configuration for many popular vehicles, or you can order a universal Catco catalytic converter if your application isn't listed. Either way, you get great Catco catalytic converter performance at our exceptional prices.

    It only takes one call to your dealership parts counter to understand the benefits of a Catco converter for your vehicle. OE converters are still priced in the stratosphere, and we certainly can't figure out why. A Catco converter flows more exhaust for improved performance, a Catco converter is made from more robust materials than a stock converter, and a Catco converter is less expensiveusually by a huge margin. And don't think that a Catco converter is just a universal-fit metal box. Most popular cars have an OE direct-fit Catco converter made for them, so you can just bolt up your new Catco converter and pocket all the cash you saved. You always get premium construction on your Catco converter, including stainless steel and aluminized shells and heat shields, along with thick flanges for solid mounting. When it's time to replace your stock converter, or you're ready to improve performance by upgrading to a high-flow converter, remember that a Catco converter gives you more for your money in emissions control.