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Catalytic Converter by Catco

Is your catalytic converter on the blink? It can be tough to tell whether there is something wrong with your catalytic converter, since its job is to clean up the toxic exhaust gases coming from your cylinders. When you need to replace your catalytic converter, you can spend way too much at the dealership or mechanic's having a new one installed, or you can pick up a Catco Direct Fit catalytic converter.

Direct Fit catalytic converters from Catco are made with the highest quality materials and to the most exacting specifications. The job of your catalytic converter is a complicated one. It is actually a specialized filter that uses small amounts of platinum, rhodium, and palladium to create a chemical reaction with your engine exhaust. When carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxide pass through your converter, the molecules are smashed and re-formed to create nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

The Catco Direct Fit catalytic converter is made to last and carry out this process again and again. When you install a new Direct Fit catalytic converter, not only will you be ensured of a good fit with your vehicle, but you will also have a part that you will not need to replace for a long time. Longevity is synonymous with the Catco family of automotive projects.

There is a Catco Direct Fit catalytic converter available for nearly every vehicle make and model, with all the necessary hardware and fittings. If you do not find a Direct Fit catalytic converter for your unusual vehicle, you may want to check out the series of universal Catco catalytic converters.

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Catco Catalytic Converter Articles

  • Catco Series: High Flow

    Catco Catalytic Converter

    Your exhaust system is one of the major keys to your vehicle's performance. The catalytic converter is a highly specialized yet essential component of your exhaust system. Without a properly working catalytic converter, you will not only be polluting the environment, but also, your vehicle will not pass its emissions test. For a street-legal catalytic converter that improves your engine's performance, consider the Catco high flow catalytic converter for your vehicle.

    What is the difference between a stock converter and a high flow catalytic converter? To understand this, you should know what a catalytic converter does. This component is actually a filter, but unlike your air filter or oil filter, which remove solid contaminants from your engine, the catalytic converter actually transforms the chemical composition of your exhaust flow. It does this by using small amounts of precious metals--usually platinum, palladium, and rhodium--embedded in the walls of the honeycomb structure.

    The Catco high flow catalytic converter is different than stock catalytic converters in that it uses a low-restriction element. Your engine exhaust is still cleaned, but the gas flow through your exhaust system is not slowed down in the process. Faster removal of exhaust from your system means that more power is available to send to your wheels. A high flow catalytic converter gives you more power and more torque.

    You can find a Catco high flow catalytic converter for nearly every vehicle make and model. The next time your catalytic converter breaks down, replace it with an effective and beneficial high flow catalytic converter from Catco.

  • Catco Series: OBDII

    Catco Catalytic Converter

    Improving engine performance is a primary goal of many auto enthusiasts, but it is important to remember that your vehicle modifications still have to follow the law. Emissions laws are in place for everyone's safety, and even though removing your catalytic converter may speed up your exhaust process, you will only be harming yourself and the environment. Instead of making your vehicle illegal, why not replace your stock converter with a Catco OBDII catalytic converter?

    A global leader in exhaust products, Catco manufactures the OBDII catalytic converter to the most exacting specifications, combining effectiveness with performance. When you have a Catco OBDII catalytic converter installed on your vehicle, you can be assured that your emissions meet or exceed global requirements from all industries. Your peace of mind alone is worth the investment.

    Since Catco products are made with such rigorous standards, you can enjoy high quality and performance from your OBDII catalytic converter. The catalytic converter on your vehicle is subject to a high degree of wear and tear from the corrosive exhaust gases that constantly pass through it, and the better the quality, the less frequently you are going to have to replace it.

    Finding a Catco OBDII catalytic converter for your vehicle's make and model is easy, as the company offers both custom and universal fit models to suit any driver's needs. Don't take a chance on breaking the law. Replace your worn stock converter with an OBDII catalytic converter, and enjoy a safer and happier driving experience.