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Running anything from a lightly-modified stock vehicle on up to a full-blown race car? The you must know you have to get the power from your engine to your wheels in the most efficient way possible. The weak link in the chain relies on the clutch. Stock clutches aren't designed to handle the increased friction loads that hot cars present, and before long, you're smelling a clutch replacement. Now is the time to upgrade to a Centerforce Clutch.

The Centerforce Clutch is a power of two clutches built into one with its unique system of weights that apply more pressure to the Centerforce Clutch as RPM increases. It means that the Centerforce Clutch has more holding power without being hard to release.

Your engine produces centrifugal force in bulk, but doesn't really use it. Sure, that rotation is translated into torque and horsepower too. But why not get some use out of that centrifugal force if your flywheel is going to be spinning anyways, right? That is what a Centerforce Clutch is for. Like the Centerforce Pressure Plate and Centerforce Throwout Bearing, the Centerforce Clutch utilizes an absolutely unique design whereby weights spin outward as engine speed increases. This makes the Centerforce Clutch to clamp down on the clutch plate with a tremendous amount of pressure, without the need for paying the price of a sore left leg.

The Centerforce Clutch uses the same torque transfer properties as other clutches equipped with heavy-duty springs but achieve it with a lot lesser pedal pressure. It is widely available for almost any applications so check it out now to see which fit yours. Get a Centerforce Pressure Plate, Centerforce Clutch and Centerforce Throwout Bearing and get that extreme clutch experience without extreme workout and pressure.

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  • Tips on Buying Centerforce Clutch Kit

    To meet the requirements of a wide range of vehicles and their intended uses and diverse needs, Centerforce offers a multilevel line of Centerforce clutches, Centerforce pressure plates, Centerforce discs, and Centerforce throwout bearings. It is extremely important to completely verify and qualify the vehicle by its make and model year. In addition, you need to define your vehicle's intended use to obtain the proper system. A "high performance" vehicle driven at the extreme of its capabilities has an entirely different requirement than a stock vehicle used to commute back and forth from the work place.
    Centerforce I - This is the original. While maintaining a stock pedal feel, it offers 30% more holding capacity than a stock OEM Clutch. This Centerforce clutch system is the finest quality 'upgrade' recommended from the original equipment clutch. The Centerforce II clutch system gives 60% greater holding capacity than a standard factory clutch. For 'mildly modified' vehicles used for 'street and strip', this unit is recommended. The improved capability of this unit is for four-wheel drive, off-road used, heavy-duty towing, and commercial applications.
    Centerforce Dual Friction - This Centerforce clutch/disc set generates a 90% increase in holding capacity creation over stock systems. The design of the Centerforce clutch/disc set is suited any radically altered high performance street vehicles. This design is also good for engines producing high torque output and horsepower. For four-wheel drive vehicles, this system is ideally suited. The smooth engagement and light pedal pressure that Centerforce clutch systems provide does not compromise high performance. Light Metal Clutch - This is the Centerforce clutch system for circle track enthusiasts and road racing. This new series of Light Metal Clutch covers uses a patented 'Centerforce Ball Bearing' actuated diaphragm. The manufacture of this product is done with a high strength billet with a riveted heat shield. While maintaining comfortable pedal pressure, this patented ball bearing actuated diaphragm allows increased clamping force. Used in conjunction with Centerforce aluminum flywheels, these units bring "Light Weight" to its optimum.
    DFX - The DFX line is the arrival of next level in engineering and design in clutch technologies. It is the next generation in High Performance Clutch Technology that meets the needs of today's high-revving, high-torque and high-horsepower vehicles. Using a competition-proven, patented, ball bearing Centerforce pressure plate design for optimum performance, Centerforce has manufactured the DFX product line to precise standards utilizing our in-house CAD/CAM systems and CNC machining centers. The manufacture of the "DFX" series clutch from a "Billet" steel pressure plate exceeds SFI's specifications, with safety and performance in mind.

  • Choosing the Right Centerforce Product, For the Right Job

    You're already making the centrifugal force--why not let a Centerforce clutch take advantage of it?

    You can have a heavy-duty clutch without a heavy-duty clutch pedal when you use a Centerforce clutch

    Stock upgrade or full-blown competition: There's a Centerforce clutch available for all applications

    All Centerforce products, from clutch kits to flywheels, are made with the same uncompromising durability

    If there's one thing your engine produces in bulk, but doesn't really use, it's centrifugal force. Sure, that rotation is translated into torque and horsepower too, but if your flywheel is going to be spinning, why not get some use out of the centrifugal force too? That's what a Centerforce clutch does. The Centerforce clutch utilizes an absolutely unique design whereby weights spin outward as engine speed increases. The result is that a Centerforce clutch clamps down on the clutch plate with a tremendous amount of pressure, yet you don't pay the price with a sore left leg. See, other companies offer high clamping forces too, but since they don't use the innovative Centerforce clutch mechanism, they have to create that force with heavy-duty springs. We've all gotten into a car that was practically undriveable because of the clutch pressure required. If that car had used a Centerforce clutch, the same torque transfer properties could have been achieved with much less pedal pressure. There's a Centerforce clutch produced for most popular applications, both import and domestic, so be sure to see if your car is listed. You'll love the launch provided by your new Centerforce clutch, and your left leg will eventually return to its normal sizewe promise.

    There's nothing wrong with the Centerforce clutch discit's a great piece of friction engineering, actually. It's just that the really cool part of a Centerforce clutchthe part from which the company takes its nameis the Centerforce pressure plate. The Centerforce pressure plate takes charge of the centrifugal force made by your spinning engine and turns it into clamping force on your clutch plate. How? The Centerforce pressure plate has a unique system of weights that can slide on the Centerforce pressure plate spring tines. As centrifugal force acts upon them, such as when your engine is running at high RPM, they press harder and harder on the clutch disc and flywheel. That way, your Centerforce pressure plate gives unbelievable clamping forces without wrecking your left leg. See, we told you the Centerforce pressure plate was pretty cool. There are a couple of different styles of Centerforce pressure plate too, so you can install the Centerforce pressure plate that best suits your driving style and vehicle horsepower. Keep in mind, the best way to integrate a Centerforce pressure plate into your car's driveline is to install a full clutch kit, and the company features kits including the Centerforce pressure plate for most popular import and domestic vehicles. So put your clutch to work for you: Install a Centerforce pressure plate and get extreme pressures without an extreme workout.

    A new clutch kit is sometimes called a 3-piece clutch kit because it containsdrum roll pleasethree pieces. For example, a Centerforce clutch kit contains a pressure plate, friction plate (aka a clutch disc), and a Centerforce throwout bearing. The duties of the first two may seem obvious, but what about the Centerforce throwout bearing? A Centerforce throwout bearing is what actually allows your clutch pressure plate to freewheel while the clutch is pressed in (released). The Centerforce throwout bearing also has to handle the pressure of the clutch springs while it's spinning and absorbing all that engine rpm. Think about that for a few minutes, and you'll develop the healthy respect for the Centerforce throwout bearing that we've developed. If your clutch makes a rumbling noise when you have your foot on the clutch pedal, but it goes away when the clutch is engaged, your throwout bearing is suspect. If you have a stock clutch and throwout bearing, replace the whole unit with a Centerforce clutch and Centerforce throwout bearing. You'll get the long life and killer clamping force of a Centerforce clutch, and a brand-new, whisper-quiet Centerforce throwout bearing to go along with it.