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Clutch Kit by Centerforce

These days, there isn't much of a price gap between vehicles with manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. Chances are, if you own a vehicle with a manual transmission, you know the value of a good clutch, and the extra power it can afford you while you're driving. To get the most from your clutch, you will want the best quality components, and you will find them with the Centerforce DFX clutch.

Centerforce is a proven leader in clutch technology, relied on by professional drivers around the world. The DFX clutch represents the highest performance and quality standards around, with high-tech engineering and design that is built to handle the huge horsepower and torque outputs today's engines are capable of producing with ease. The power of the Centerforce DFX clutch is evident from the first time you drive with one.

Built with a patented and competition proven ball bearing pressure plate design, the DFX clutch delivers optimal performance. With all the available performance modifications for modern engines and diesel engines, most stock clutch kits just aren't up to the challenge. You can rely on the Centerforce DFX clutch to hold up under the most grueling conditions and keep on performing for many miles.

The DFX clutch is made with a billet steel pressure plate that exceeds specifications for maximum safety and performance. The next time you experience clutch slippage or clutch judder, don't settle for stock when you can boost your manual power and get the same performance and durability enjoyed by racers and pros everywhere from Centerforce clutch components.

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Centerforce Clutch Kit Articles

  • Centerforce Series: Dual Friction

    Centerforce Clutch Kit

    How is your clutch doing these days? A clutch that judders, slips, or is just plain worn out can cause you no end of frustration and diminish your driving experience. If you are looking to replace the clutch on your truck, SUV, or high performance vehicle, you can skip those stock components and head straight for the top of the line with a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch.

    Specially designed for high-power, high-output engines, the Dual Friction clutch is a precision engineered clutch and disc set that puts real power at your disposal. It is also perfect for four-wheel drive vehicles, or any vehicle that has been modified or significantly altered for high street performance. The Centerforce Dual Friction clutch puts out huge power boosts, with the ability to generate up to a 90 percent increase over stock clutch systems for holding capacity.

    You may have wondered whether installing a performance clutch will create shifting difficulties in your system. Fortunately, the Dual Friction clutch gives you light pedal pressure and smooth engagement, with no performance compromise. These components will feel like a brand new clutch every time you drive, through many miles of performance.

    The Centerforce Dual Friction clutch places all that horsepower and torque your heavy-duty or modified engine is capable of at your disposal. To get the most from your manual transmission and leave the woes of clutch wear and tear behind, install a Dual Friction clutch in place of your old stock system and feel the Centerforce difference.