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CFW/NOK is one of the leading names in sealing and vibration control technlogies.

It is a globally recognized leader in the development and manufacture of top-notch automotive parts and accessories.

The company has an extensive portfolio of precision molded products for the automotive market.

CFW/NOK is the world's largest manufacturer of elastomeric seals and custom molded products.

A lot of drivers have turned to cars with automatic transmissions. Why? It saves them from continuous clutch and gear work when driving through urban traffic. However, automatic transmissions need to be lubricated. And if the AT filter o-ring fails, dirt would circulate in the gearbox and may cause it to fail. Better replace that old seal with the CFW/NOK AT Filter O-Ring. You won't really know when it's going to fail. You'll just know once your gears stop working and you smell something burning under your car. That would be your automatic transmission gears succumbing to dirty transmission oil. You have to make sure the AT filter is functioning with the CFW/NOK AT Filter O-Ring. If left unfixed, soon your transmission will start making noise, and gear-shifting would become harder to manage. The worst thing that can happen is it will overheat because the fluid has become too thick to lubricate the gears. When that happens, your car may get stuck in gear and you'll have to tow it home. Or you could get the CFW/NOK AT Filter O-Ring to fix it. Sometimes, it takes just a small o-ring to avoid major problems.

If you suddenly smell something burning under your car, it could be transmission fluid spilling all over your exhaust lines. There's one likely spot where it could be coming from - a leaking AT rear seal. Replace it immediately with the CFW/NOK AT Rear Seal. Automatic transmissions require a lot of lubrication. It protects the gears and shafts inside from friction and excessive heat produced by normal driving. But if the lubricant leaks, friction can damage these parts and eventually cause your transmission to fail. That's why you have to act quickly and change that broken seal with the CFW/NOK AT Rear Seal. A lot of car owners spend hundreds of dollars every year to repair their burned up automatic transmissions. So much money goes to waste for something which could have been avoided early on. It would have been easier if they paid attention to the burning smell from under their cars, or to fluid drops left on their parking spaces. You must not take such symptoms lightly because they warn you of bigger problems in the future. Grab the CFW/NOK AT Rear Seal now. Such a small investment can save you hundreds in repair costs.

Black exhaust smoke is always a bad sign. But don't start panicking. If your car starts spewing black smoke, it could still be fixed. All you need is the CFW/NOK Auxiliary Valve Seal. Black exhaust smoke is the result of oil burning in your engine. It could be leaking into the combustion cylinders through broken auxiliary valve seals. These seals are found under your valve cover and are placed over your valve stems. If you leave your engine like this, your car would suffer from poor fuel economy because of the oil that is disturbing the combustion materials. It would also cause engine oil to rapidly decrease, increasing the chances of your engine overheating. Replace broken seals immediately with the CFW/NOK Auxiliary Valve Seal. It will stop oil from leaking into your combustion cylinders. Your fuel will burn cleaner, improving your car's fuel efficiency. No more black smoke would be spewing out of your muffer. With continuous lubrication, your engine won't overheat. You can now sit back and relax, knowing your engine is safe from oil loss and friction damage.