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Champion is the leadr in remanufactured fuel system products.

Champion has over sixty years in experience in the industry, allowing it to amass the world's largest inventory of remanufactured fuel system products.

Champion aims to develop solutions for a better environment by creating products that reduce emissions, increase fuel economy and improve performance.

Champion offers only high quality products that are tested to assuer optimum performance and fuel economy.

As your truck ages, so does its engine. You've probably noticed that as time passes, it's become increasingly difficult to start it, especially after leaving it parked for a few hours. This is normal for diesel-powered vehicles especially in cold countries. That's because as time passes, the glow plugs in your diesel engine wear out. You're going to have to replace them very soon. But don't settle for cheap OEM glow plugs. Your engine deserves better. Choose the Champion Glow Plug. These plugs will make sure your diesel engine starts in seconds, even during a cold start. What a glow plug does is it basically produces heat in your diesel engine. Diesel, unlike gasoline, does not need the electric spark from a spark plug to ignite it. Instead, it makes use of heat and compression. The pistons in your diesel engine compress air, thus increasing its temperature. Once temperatures are high enough, diesel is injected into the air, instantly burning it. That is where a diesel engine gets its power. However, in cold countries, diesel engines become extremely cold when left parked. That makes it extremely hard for the engine to sustain enough heat to ignite the diesel, making it very hard to start. The solution: Champion Glow Plug. It produces the needed heat during a cold start so the diesel burns smoothly. Don't wait until your glow plugs totally wear out. Or else, it'll take hours to start your engine. Replace them now with the Champion Glow Plug.

The life of your car lies in its engine. But without the spark plugs to burn the fuel, it's nothing but a big block of metal. So if you start noticing rough acceleration, idling or even poor fuel economy, those are signs that your spark plugs are starting to wear out. To keep your engine running smoothly, you'll need a good set of spark plugs. Don't just settle for cheap OEM spark plugs. They'll just rob your engine of its true performance. What you need is the Champion Spark Plug. This spark plug has a center electrode with a platinum tip. That means it'll last much, much longer than most OEM brand spark plugs in the market. It produces a strong spark that'll ensure full combustion of the air and fuel mixture in your engine. It's like a give and take relationship - the better the air-fuel mixture burns, the longer your spark plugs will last. And the better the performance of your spark plugs, the better combustion it produces. That is why cheap OEM spark plugs don't last very long. The weak spark they produce leaves unburned fuel which can damage the spark plug. But with the Champion Spark Plug, you get the best of both worlds. You get maximum engine performance - smooth idling and acceleration - plus it will improve your engine's fuel efficiency, keeping your fuel budget manageable. Remember, when it comes to spark plugs, don't be a cheapskate. Invest in the high-quality Champion Spark Plug.