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Chevrolet A/C Compressor

A house is said to be a comfortable refuge when it is equipped with enough lighting system, soft and smooth seats, properly working appliances like fridge, television, and of course an air conditioning system that provides the entire house with cool or warm air whenever it is needed. This is also true to our cars. Many of us today can still enjoy the same comfort levels that we are used to at home. That is because of our car's air conditioning system.

Air conditioning units can be added to most vehicles on the road, if they did not come so equipped from the factory. A complete air conditioning system is composed of a compressor, a condenser, hoses, vents and a controller. In a human's circulatory system, the heart sends the oxygen-rich blood to every cell in the body. Blood flows continuously through the circulatory system. The heart muscle is the pump which makes it all possible.

In your Chevy A/C system, the Chevrolet A/C compressor plays the role similar to heart muscle. The Chevrolet A/C compressor is a type of pump that is driven by a belt connected to the vehicle's engine. The Chevy A/C compressor has intake and discharge sides. From the outlet of the evaporator, the suction side (or intake) draws in the refrigerant gas. The gas drawn will be compressed and will be sent to the A/C condenser.

When the hot compressed gasses enter through the top of the condenser, simultaneously it starts to cool off. When the process of condensing is done, the gases will exit and will be transformed into a high pressure liquid. The process will then release cool air into the interior of your car. This process is now the reason why you and your passengers are kept comfortable while inside your vehicle.