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Chevrolet Astro Water Pump

Useful Tips to Deal With the Problems of Your Chevrolet Astro Water Pump

Your Chevrolet Astro water pump is responsible for keeping your engine form overheating by continuously pumping water and coolant. But overtime, this component goes bad and causes different kinds of problems. To help you address these, here are some useful information and tips:

High temperature

An increase in the engine temperature suggests that the water pump on your vehicle isn't working properly. It's advised that you take note of the temperature changes in your car because a bad water pump can cause further problems if not fixed or replaced immediately. You can start by knowing the ordinary engine temperature so that if it begins to continuously rise, you can suspect that your water pump has started to malfunction. You can also observe these changes on the temperature gauge on your dash. In the event that the increase in temperature was caused by a broken water pump, you should just replace it to bring the engine temperature back to its normal level.


Once your water pump breaks or fails, it will start to leak water or coolant. And if this happens, you will need to add water to your radiator more often than before as most of it just leak out through the broken water pump. If you feel that your Chevy has a bad water pump, you can place a cardboard or a paper directly under the water pump and leave it there overnight. If it gets wet with water or coolant when you check in the morning, the water pump is definitely leaking and badly needs to be replaced with a new one.

Rattling and squealing noises

Once your water pump goes bad, you will begin to hear different noises that suggest different problems. If you hear a rattling noise, this means that the impeller or the bearings of your water pump have failed, causing your engine not to receive coolant. But if you hear a squealing noise, this means that the drive or timing belt that operates your water pump has slipped and is already loose and worn out. This means that your water pump isn't functioning efficiently. Depending on the problem, you can replace the impeller, the bearings, or the belt to make you water pump work again.

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  • Simple Tips to Make Your Chevrolet Astro Water Pump Last Longer 27 February 2013

    Though you don't necessarily have to clean your Chevrolet Astro water pump with all kinds of cleaning solutions and compounds, you still need to maintain it to keep it in good condition. Here are some useful maintenance tips that will help you to take good care of your water pump:

    Change coolant regularly.

    You should change your coolant every two years to prevent it from corroding your engine block. Yes, coolant has corrosive properties that can damage your engine components, so you should regularly change it to avoid problems. Also, your coolant can get dirty with rust debris once your coolant reservoir begins to rust out. The problem begins when this dirty and rusty coolant passes through your water pump. This may affect the state of your component and may even cause it to rust. But if you're going to change your coolant, make sure that it matches the one specified by the manufacturer in your car manual.

    Replace a damaged belt immediately.

    A loose belt can cause your water pump to work inefficiently and to go bad eventually. So once you hear a squealing noise in your car, check the belt that operates your water pump. If it's loose, worn out, or has already slipped, you definitely need to buy a new belt to replace the old one. And when you buy it, make sure that you get a good-quality one so your water pump will last longer.

    Get rid of rust.

    You may get surprised one day that your water pump has already rusted all over to a point that you can find rust debris inside and a lot of rust spots on the surface. But before you think of throwing this rusted component away and spend for a new one, you may want to get your hands dirty first. You can try salvaging your water pump by removing rust using a wire brush or a steel wool to clean it. Besides, you can still use your water pump as long as it isn't corroded. And once you've removed all traces of rust, make sure that you blast it with water and dry it later on.