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Chevrolet C10 Pickup Fender

Keeping That Chevrolet C10 Pickup Fender Looking Brand New

The Chevrolet C10 is one of the many 2-wheel drive trucks that captured the public's eye because of their function and performance. The truck has been around serving the American community for many decades. This is even after the fact that the model has already evolved into the Chevy Silverado. Regardless, the C10 has been most memorable in its boxy lines in the 1970s and 1980s. This look is supported by the sheet metal that forms the Chevrolet C10 pickup fender. This panel is an essential piece of metal that completes that shape of the truck. But its purpose is beyond just aesthetics. It also houses the wheel and suspension components while restricting road debris within its bounds only. To keep it looking brand new, you might want to consider the following tips.

  • Be a safe and defensive driver in all your journeys.

It might sound so mundane that often times you overlook the correlation of safe driving and the condition of your fender. Nevertheless, this is one habit that you really have to observe to reduce the risk of your panel being damaged. By driving safe and defensively, you relieve your fender from further stress that it already takes from road debris. If you don't take this proactive step, then you might end up with a fender that has a lot of gashes and dents from road hazards you encounter. Observe even more precaution when you take your C10 to construction sites and rough roads.

  • Give your fender a rinse using water then follow it up with extensive scrubbing.

Driving around the city and country side with your Chevy truck puts on a lot of dirt on the surface of your exterior panels. After piling up endlessly on the surface of your fender, you end with a very dull and dirty truck. Unless you do something about it, it's better off parked beside a barn. Ok, so you need to eliminate this build up. You can do this with the two-step combo: rinsing and scrubbing. Rinse the panel with water to wash away light dirt and to loosen stubborn grime. Follow it up with the scrubbing phase. Use a wash mitt dipped in diluted car shampoo then scrub away!

  • How to Mount a New Chevrolet C10 Pickup Fender

    We've probably all been there. You got a nasty fender bender because a careless newbie on the road accidently backed up to your Chevrolet C10. Oh, the disappointment! Your beloved and trusty old Chevy truck ended up with a nasty dent. Well, you thought that the panel was due for replacement anyway. Rust has already crept its way from the lower portions and paint has started to fade. So maybe it is time for you to give your truck a refreshing restoration. Part of that process is removing the fender that is in bad shape and replacing it with a new Chevrolet C10 pickup fender. It can be a practical alternative if your panel already needs extensive surgery and bondo. Should decide to go on with the fresh sheet metal treatment, here are some tips on how to mount the new fender.

    Tip #1: Plan ahead to get the right fender for your truck and its modifications.

    What is the overall concept for your Chevy C10? Will you be doing an era correct restoration or are you going for a taking the modified route. These are the things that you have to think about when you are about to mount a new fender. A stock look can turn your pickup truck into a sleek utility vehicle with style. On the other hand, installing a fender that allows modifications like fender flare can be handy when you don't mind having that extra dash of excitement. Aside from your concept, you will also have to remember that you have to get the part that matches the year and trim of your C10. After planning it all out, you should be ready to order the new panel that you will be mounting.

    Tip #2: Make the installation a group effort within your automotive circle.

    If you have considered doing a DIY installation, do it so with your peers in the automotive community. They can offer you pieces of advice and expertise in terms body work. As long as you keep the ideas moderated, you should be able to work with your buddies well. They can also offer you assistance with the test mount, measurements, and other tasks involved in the installation. In the end, your goal is to properly mount the new fender without any issue.