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Chevrolet C1500 Dash Cover

Maintenance Tips You Can Use for the Chevrolet C1500 Dash Cover

Cleaning and maintaining the dash covers of your Chevrolet C1500 can be a hassle, but it is necessary if you want to keep your dashboard cover last longer. Dash covers are also vulnerable to wear and aging, and without regular care, they will deteriorate quickly. If you want to maximize the life service of your Chevrolet C1500 dash cover, periodic maintenance is a must. In this guide, we'll share a few simple yet effective tips on how to maintain the dash covers in your truck.

  • For dust and debris, use a vacuum.

For dry particulates such as dust and food crumbs, there's still no better way to remove them from the dash cover than with a good vacuuming. Ideally, the dash covers must be cleaned at least once every two weeks to prevent dirt from accumulating especially on those hard-to-reach areas. We also recommend using a hand brush or a brush attachment while vacuuming to help "lift" off stubborn dirt and dust particles off the dash cover surface.

  • For tough stains, use carpet cleaner.

Mild stains can usually be fixed with spot cleaning using mild detergent and water, but for really bad cases, it's best to resort to carpet cleaner. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and use protective gloves as the cleaner contains harsh chemicals.

  • Don't use a washing machine to clean the cover.

While dash covers might look tough enough to withstand a cycle in your washing machine, but in reality, they are too fragile for that. The constant tumbling and immersion in detergent will cause the cover material to weaken and fray, and continuous washings will eventually lead to the dash cover disintegrating. In addition, soaking the dash cover completely in water will make it difficult to dry off, leading to molds on the cover's surface.

  • Use a windshield sun shade to prevent premature fading of the covers.

Constant exposure to the sun will eventually cause the dash cover to fade, but you can slow this down by placing a sun shade on your windshield while parking under the sun. Aside from keeping your truck's interior cool, the sun shade also reflects back UV rays that causes fading on the cover fabric.

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  • Handy Installation Tips for Chevrolet C1500 Dash Cover

    A dash cover will always be a good addition to your Chevrolet C1500. Aside from keeping the dash protected from dust and dirt, this cover also gives a sophisticated and nuanced look to your car's interior, especially if its color matches the rest of the upholstery in your truck.

    Installing a Chevrolet C1500 dash cover is not that hard, although it does require a perfect fit to ensure that it doesn't obstruct your truck's dash or slip off while driving. In this guide, we've compiled some helpful tips you can follow when installing these dash covers to your Chevrolet C1500 pickup.

    Tip #1: Allow the newly unrolled cover to lay flat overnight.

    Dash covers are often shipped in a compact form, saving space at the expense of making the cover bent and wrinkled. Because of this, we suggest letting the cover "breathe" and expand to its original shape and appearance before mounting on the dash. The length you should allow the covers to breathe depends on how compact the cover was packaged, although letting it sit overnight is usually enough.

    Tip #2: Make sure the dashboard is clean.

    The dash cover's fasteners will not adhere properly to a dirty dash as the tape will stick onto the dust and particles rather than on the dashboard surface. Wiping the dashboard with a cloth soaked in mild detergent should remove most particulates.

    Tip #3: Pre-fit and pre-shape the covers.

    This will allow you to make minor adjustments and determine whether you will need to cut off some of the material to ensure a perfect fit. We also recommend bending or creasing the cover to help it conform to the curves of your truck's dashboard.

    Tip #4: Make sure that the cover does not block the A/C vents and the airbags.

    Dash covers are typically designed not to obstruct the deployment of the airbags during a collision, but it will only do so if it is properly installed. As a rule, the cover should not hang too much over the front of the dash and that the vent cutouts should match the defrost vents. It is also not recommended to place tape or any type of fastener on areas where the airbag is located.