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Chevrolet C1500 Fender Flares

Four Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet C1500 Fender Flares in Tiptop Shape

Your Chevrolet C1500 fender flares protect your car from mud splatters and road debris kicked up by your tires. They provide both style and functionality, making them worth every buck. For you to keep enjoying their benefits, you have to maintain them in superb condition. Here are some ways on how you can properly care for your Chevrolet C1500 fender flares:

  • Clean your fender flares periodically.

Cleaning your fender flares doesn't really involve any complicated washing instructions; it's almost the same as washing your car. Most manufacturers recommend that you do this on a weekly basis to maintain their like-new condition. Of course you should also consider your driving habits. If you're a frequent off-roader and filth already became a regular thing over your fender flares, don't wait for the weekly interval to arrive before you clean them off. Feel free to wash your fender flares anytime they get soiled to keep dirt from building up.

  • Know which cleaning materials are the best for your fender flares.

Washing your fender flares is easy provided that you have the right cleaning supplies. They're usually made from plastic and come in painted and unpainted types. You should keep in mind that not all cleaners will work for each type of fender flares. So whatever sort of fender flares you have on your car, make sure that you're using cleaning materials that are suitable for its finish.

A mixture of mild cleaner and water is usually enough to get the job done. Use a clean lint-free cloth for scrubbing and drying the surface of your fender flares. It's also recommended to read the label on the backside of the cleaners that you'll be using to find out if they're compatible with a plastic surface. Some cleaning agents contain harsh chemicals that can cause the fender flares' finish to fade prematurely; make sure you steer clear from those.

  • Wash them inside and out.

Keeping your fender flares clean isn't just about washing the bits you can see. Always bear in mind that the undersides of your fender flares are the dirtiest, so don't neglect this area. You can clean them by simply scrubbing off dirt and mud. Make sure you do this carefully so as not to scratch the surface of your fender flares. You can also hose off debris to remove them easily before washing the surface using the proper cleaner.

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  • A Few Useful Installation Tips for Your Chevrolet C1500 Fender Flares

    Fender flares are handy pieces of accessories that are quite popular to trucks such as your Chevrolet C1500. They protect your vehicle from damage brought by rocks, road debris, and mud splatters. They also add to your truck's rugged appearance. These stylish and versatile add-ons are also easy to install, the whole process will only take you a couple of minutes.

    Whether you're going to replace your stock fender flares or you just want to gear up your truck for your next off-road adventure, here are some ways on how you can install your Chevrolet C1500 fender flares like a pro:

    Tip #1: Inspect if the mounting area is in good condition.

    Before you start fitting the fender flares over your Chevrolet C1500, you should first make sure that its mounting area is in tiptop shape. If your truck came with existing fender flares, detach them first to get a better view of the surface. Ensure that the area where you'll be putting your new fender flares on is free from rust and corrosion.

    Tip #2: Make sure the fender flares are really compatible with your car.

    To lessen the chances of installation mistakes, it's highly recommended that you test-fit the fender flares over your truck. They should fit snugly against the fender and the bumper. If there are parts of your fender flares that are not aligned with your truck's body properly, talk to the manufacturer or merchant to make sure that you have the right fender flares for your vehicle.

    Tip #3: Clean the mounting surface before starting the installation.

    Your new flares would definitely look better on a newly washed fender than a filthy and grimy one. So take the extra effort in cleaning the mounting surface before you start installing your fender flares. Moreover, most fender flares available in the market today include a double-sided tape, so they can be attached more firmly over the vehicle. If you don't clean the mounting surface, this adhesive tape won't stick and could make the installation process a lot harder than it's supposed to be.

    Tip #4: Check if you have all the tools you need.

    Keep all the tools you need near you for a smooth installation process. Consult the installation instructions that came with your fender flares to see the tools you will need to complete the task. You'll probably need a drill, a screwdriver, and a ratchet and socket set for this job.