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Chevrolet C1500 Tail Light

How to Take Care of Your Chevrolet C1500 Tail Light

Your Chevy C1500 was one of the last two-wheel drive bow tie trucks produced before the Silverado line was introduced. The Silverado took a whole lot of inspiration from its predecessor. It had many similarities coming from the trademark Chevy design language. The quad head lights remain, the body lines are still strong and pronounced, and the stance is still perfect. But we have not forgotten about the Chevrolet C1500 tail light. The big rectangular amber assembly found on each corner of your truck's behind. It is a very functional design that allows the traffic behind to easily spot you. But in order for that to work, you should know how to take care of your tail light. Here are some maintenance tips that you might want to consider:

  • Rinse your tail light with clean water.

Clean water from your pipes is an essential component in rinsing the external panels and parts of your truck. The freely-moving water washes away loose dirt from the surface. If there is only a light layer of dust, you can just make do with water and occasional light dabs using a clean cloth.

  • Scrub the tail light lens using a sponge or wash mitt.

Just like how you would treat the other panels of your truck, your tail light lens also deserves a scrub. Make sure that your lens has already been rinsed with water before you proceed. When it is ready for scrubbing, soak a sponge or wash mitt in a car shampoo. Wring out the excess solution before gently scrubbing the lens. Be careful not to apply too much pressure because it can scratch the lens. Your tail light can become hazy if you continually scratch it with heavy scrubbing.

  • Brush the crevices to get rid of stubborn dirt.

There will be times that the sponge or wash mitt won't be enough to get rid of the dirt. In these cases, you should take the extra step of using a brush. The fine bristles of the soft brush will be able to hook out the dirt from those areas. Be firm yet gentle when using the brush so you don't scratch the lens.

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  • How to Troubleshoot Your Chevrolet C1500 Tail Light

    Despite its subtle appearance, the Chevrolet C1500 tail light is an integral part of your truck's lighting and safety system. It keeps the drivers behind you informed of your intentions on the road. Just like any other road-worthy vehicle, the red light comes out when you depress your brake pedal; your amber signal lights flicker to signify which direction you want your vehicle to shift to; and the reverse lights to guide you as you back up. Since you want your truck to avoid any unwanted attention from the cops, you should be able to figure out what's wrong with your tail light before the PoPo does. Here are some troubleshooting tips for you and your Chevy truck.

    Switch your parking lights on.

    Your truck is supposed to be equipped with parking lights for the front and back ends. These lights are activated on the first click of your light switch. After activating the parking lights, get off your truck and inspect your tail lights if both are emitting a steady red glow. If one tail light does not illuminate, then you would have to replace the bulb in the affected assembly.

    Check if the signal lights are working through the hazard button and signal lever.

    You can check your truck's signal lights in two ways. The first makes use of the hazard button. When you activate the hazard function of the signal lights, you can check if the two tail lights are blinking simultaneously. Likewise, you can switch your left and right turn signal individually by using the lever on your steering column. They should blink at the normal interval. If one blinks at a faster rate, it might be a sign of a busted light or wiring issue.

    Depress your brake pedal to know if your brake light bulbs are working.

    You need to tag someone along to be able to do this properly. Get in your truck and depress your brake pedal. This should trigger the brake lights to come on. While keeping your foot on the pedal, have your buddy take a look at the rear of your truck. Both tail light assemblies should be glowing red. If one is not glowing, have the bulb replaced.