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Chevrolet C3500 Ignition Coil

Chevrolet C3500 Ignition Coil: Usual Issues, Their Causes, and How to Fix Them

If there's one part that your Chevrolet C3500 can't function without, it is the ignition coil. Typically made from high-quality materials, this part is responsible for generating high voltage current needed by your C3500 to start. However, due to the varying conditions in your vehicle's engine, this part eventually gets damaged and causes problems. So you'll know what to do in the future, check out this list of some of the common issues that you may encounter with your ignition coil:


One problem that you will encounter with a faulty ignition is a misfiring engine. Usually, this happens during acceleration because the ignition coil can no longer support all of the cylinders. If this is the case, you'd better replace your Chevrolet C3500 ignition coil. However, make sure that you will use the right tools to avoid damaging your vehicle. What's more, take note of your C3500's torque specifications because you will need them to accurately set the ignition coil.

Failure to start

If your vehicle is not starting, then you should pop the hood and check the coil for damage. Usually, a faulty ignition coil does not generate the right amount of electric spark needed by the fuel to ignite, thereby compromising the ignition process. Once this happens, you should purchase a replacement ignition coil immediately. Also, do not try to start your vehicle repeatedly because doing so will only cause severe damage to the spark plugs.


Due to constant exposure to varying temperatures in the engine, the case of the ignition coil may get damaged and leak. As a result, the spark produced by the coil travels to other conductors and interrupts the ignition process. Known as arcing, this problem should be fixed without delay so that your vehicle's performance will not be compromised. You can solve this by applying some silicone or poly weld to the cracked part of the coil. However, this is only a temporary solution because the cracked case will not be able to contain high voltage current for a long time. Thus, it will be better if you will just install a new ignition coil.

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  • Four Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet C3500 Ignition Coil in Good Shape

    Your Chevrolet C3500 is equipped with an ignition coil that generates the volts needed by the spark plug to ignite the fuel. Though it is typically made from high-grade materials, this part does not usually last for a long time, especially if it is not taken care of properly. To get the most out of your ignition coil, follow the simple tips listed below:

    Check your ignition coil's resistance routinely.

    Although your Chevrolet C3500 ignition coil is designed to last for several years, it may suddenly get damaged due to various factors. Once this happens, your vehicle will stall or not start at all. To prevent ignition problems, always check your coil's resistance using an ohmmeter. If the readings fall below the average resistance specifications, then you'd better replace your ignition coil immediately.

    Inspect the ignition coil case for cracks.

    Due to age, the case of the ignition coil installed in your C3500 may crack. As a result, the ignition process will be compromised because electricity will jump from one conductor to another. To avoid this, inspect the ignition coil case for cracks regularly. In case you find any, you can temporarily fix the case using silicone or poly weld. However, because this solution will not last for a long time, just purchase a new ignition coil and have it installed by a professional.

    Make sure that the ignition coil is being cooled by clean oil.

    The ignition system of your vehicle is subject to extreme temperatures because it generates much electricity. For this reason, oil is delivered to this system to help lower the temperature. However, because of road debris and other kinds of contaminants that enter the engine, this oil becomes too thick. As a result, it can no longer cool the ignition coil effectively, therefore causing damage to the part. To prevent this, always make sure that the oil is free from contaminants before taking your vehicle for a drive.

    Never ignore the symptoms of ignition coil failure.

    Due to constant use, the ignition coil of your Chevrolet C3500 will eventually fail. However, before this happens, you will first notice some symptoms such as misfires, stalling, and backfires. So you will not cause more damage to your ignition coil, head to the nearest service center once you experience these symptoms.