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Chevrolet Camaro Dash Cover

How to Keep Your Chevrolet Camaro Dash Cover Mint

Driving and owning a Chevy Camaro to Bow Tie aficionados is like landing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We have a strong feeling that you have a special spot in your heart for the GM F bodies as well. That's because when you sit snuggly in the cockpit, you feel that rush coming to you. Take the wheel, put your shifter into gear, and voila. But it would be better if you have your Chevrolet Camaro dash cover all tidy and looking mint. This adds to the whole appeal of the car regardless how deep your enthusiasm is. So if you want to boost up the game in the looks department, here are some ways to keep the accessory looking sharp and mint. Check these tips out:

  • Vacuum the dash cover once in a while to get rid of dust.

You can keep your dash cover tidy all the time with the help of your household vacuum cleaner. Do so once in a while. Point the nozzle of the cleaner just before you switch it on. Brush it from side to side to cover as much area on the cover. The vacuum cleaner should suck out the dust from the surface. The same dust particles can cause stains if moisture gets into the equation. So it's really best to suck them out as a preventive move.

  • Check the integrity of the adhesives.

Most often than not, the adhesive tapes play a big role in keeping the dash cover in place. To avoid wrinkles and disproportioned fitting, you should regularly check the integrity of the adhesive materials that hold your dash cover. If you want find that they are weak already, it would be best to replace them with new ones.

  • Treat the dash cover material with the right cleaning formula.

It is ideal to use the right cleaning formula for your dash cover always. It will allow you to work on the material without inducing fading, stains, and other unwanted reactions. The active ingredients should also help out in eliminating the dirt sticking on the surface.

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  • Installing a New Chevrolet Camaro Dash Cover Made Easy

    Just like the entirety of your pony car, the Chevrolet Camaro dash cover is bound to wither and look bad over time. You have to count it in when you do a checklist of things to consider when you are bound to restore your beloved car. Ok, so after you massaged the sheet metal back, coated a fresh layer of paint, and revived the engine back, you are now on your way to uplift the interior. Matching seats, sealing, and dashboard should be a splendid ensemble. You can use your favorite color to complement the lively exterior paint whether it is Hugger Orange or Le Mans Blue. Now you have arrived to the point where you have to put in your new Chevrolet Camaro dash cover. Here are some tips to successfully do so.

    Tip #1: Carefully remove the old worn out dash cover.

    It's time to go for the old timer. Carefully remove the old layer of dash cover from the interior of your car. Be careful when doing so to prevent any possible damages caused by old adhesives and misplaced elements in between the layers. We don't advise you to just put on the new cover over the old layer. It's just plain wrong and it will just bulk up your interior.

    Tip #2: Clean the dashboard and remove the old adhesive residues.

    You would want to prepare your dashboard for a new set of cover. To do so, you should eliminate any obstructions to the new layer so that it will flow well along the contours of your interior. Once the old cover is out, take time to wipe off the panel to remove any residues and particles that got left behind. For stubborn build-ups, you should extra effort to scrub them out of the surface. Not only will it be untidy to keep them under the cover, it might also be the starting point of future headaches in your panel.

    Tip #3: Test fit the cover before mounting it into place.

    Do a test fit. Try to see if the cuts of the cover sit perfectly along the lines of your dashboard. Also check if there are spaces of the vents. Once everything is ok, mount the cover to place and enjoy.