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Chevrolet Camaro Fender

Prevent Premature Wear with These Chevrolet Camaro Fender Maintenance Tips

Your sleek and stylish Chevrolet Camaro gets heads turning, thanks to its awesome exterior and stunning performance. Aside from the unique deck lid-mounted lip spoiler, your Chevrolet Camaro fender is also one of the first things people notice about your car. You can extend the lifespan of the fenders by performing proper maintenance on the component.

  • Clean the fenders with water and soap.

Start by rinsing the fender with clean water using a hose. Be meticulous when targeting hard-to-reach areas, such as the part where the fender flares and the car's metal body meet. Hosing off the fender with water loosens up any dirt and debris on the component.

Wash your vehicle's fender with a soap and water solution. Use a towel or a wash mitt to scrub the fender until all of the grime is removed. Finish the cleaning process by drying the fender completely using a clean, terry-cloth towel. This type of cloth doesn't leave lint on the fender, unlike regular towels used in car cleaning.

  • Apply vinyl and plastic dressing onto the fenders.

If you have a black, plastic fender flare, it's highly encouraged that you restore the fender's look with a plastic dressing. Look for an aftermarket dressing designed for plastic and vinyl car parts. Spray some of this dressing onto your Chevrolet Camaro fender, and let it soak deep into the fender for a minute or two. Then, buff the plastic dressing into the fenders until you see them regain their deep, black color. Repeat spraying and buffing it as needed.

Vinyl and plastic dressings preserve the black finish of your fenders and fender flares. If you want to keep the flares looking new, polish and buff them every after wash.

  • Fix fender scratches as soon as you spot them.

Prevent minor scratches from turning into huge dents on your fenders. Once you see that the fender had been scratched, get it repaired immediately. Use a car buffer or other buffing compounds to treat superficial scratches. If the scratches had already grown big, you might consider replacing the entire fender or bringing your car to an auto body shop for a professional service.

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  • DIY Tips for a Swift Chevrolet Camaro Fender Installation

    You know you've got the right fenders when they complement the overall look and feel of your car. Despite the fact that it's designed to last the life of your vehicle, your Chevrolet Camaro fender can get damaged over time. When the fenders break, you can either repair or replace them, depending on the extent of damage on the component. To change a busted fender, you can refer to these installation tips for a faster setup:

    Tip #1: Start with a clean vehicle.

    It's always a good idea to clean your car first before performing any replacement or installation. This ensures that the connections won't get cramped by dirt and debris. Get the right cleaning materials for the fender, and make sure that you only use safe cleaners to avoid damaging your vehicle's paintwork.

    Focus on cleaning the cowl area, as well as the hood rails and vertical. Wash them thoroughly so that the mounting flanges become free of dirt when you perform the installation process. Remember to dry the areas completely with a clean rag. After fully cleansing the flanges, lock your vehicle's hood rail to make it aligned with the hood.

    Tip #2: Customize the fenders before mounting them to your car.

    Do all types of modification on the fender before you install it in your vehicle. Painting, trimming, sanding, and buffing should be done while the fender is detached from your car, so that you can prevent damaging nearby parts like the hood.

    When painting the fender, get the appropriate hue by referring to your vehicle manual for the color code. You can also find this code on the information sticker attached to the driver-side door. After painting the fender, test-fit the component to see if the modification affected its dimensions. Keep in mind that any alteration on the new fender can void the manufacturer's warranty.

    Tip #3: Check the fender package first.

    Upon arrival of the new fender, check the parcel's contents by referring to the printed details on its packaging. Make sure that all of the listed parts are included in the shipment. Plus, assess the fender's quality to identify any factory defect that can cause the installation to fail.