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Chevrolet Camaro Weatherstrip Seal

Protect Your Chevrolet Camaro Weatherstrip Seal from Wear and Tear

Your luxury sports car won't be as appealing if you can't drive it during the rainy weather. That is why you need to have a high-quality Chevrolet Camaro weatherstrip seal. This little car part gives you a comfortable ride by sealing water out, keeping you dry inside the vehicle. Over time, the rubber strippings can turn dry and get cracked. To ensure that this doesn't happen too soon, take care of your weatherstrip seals though these tips:

  • Condition the weatherstripping once in a while.

Clean the weatherstrip seals every now and then using soap and water. To do this, you need to open the car doors, and get a soft sponge to rub the soapy water on the seals. Lightly scrub the rubber seals to wash away all of the dirt and grime that had settled on it.

Make sure you cover all of the weatherstripping before you rinse it with a bucket of clean water. You can use a wet towel to remove the soap, while rinsing it off with water. Let the seals dry completely before applying some silicon spray on the seals. Leave them for a few minutes, allowing the seals to absorb the silicone.

  • Coat the rubber seals with an aftermarket protectant.

A lot of protectants designed for weatherstrip seals are available in the market. You can use an aftermarket protectant to keep the rubber seals pliable, and to defend it from harsh elements. This enables you to have a longer service lifespan, so that your car doors and windows are sealed against varying weather conditions.

Choose the protectant that's safe to use on your car. In order to keep your Chevrolet Camaro weatherstrip seal looking like brand new, it's a must that you apply the protectant using a foam applicator that's included in the package.

  • Apply silicone spray to keep the door from sticking.

During winter, it's possible for water to get frozen around your car door's weatherstrip seals. When this happens, you can end up locking yourself outside of your vehicle. Plus, if you forcefully pull on the door to break the ice, the rubber seals might tear off.

To prevent this, grab some silicone spray and use it on the seals. Move close to the weatherstrip seals, so that you don't waste any silicone with overspray.

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  • Noticeable Defects of a Worn-out Chevrolet Camaro Weatherstrip Seal

    Despite the superb speed and power of your Chevrolet Camaro, getting a neat and safe ride can be difficult with worn out weatherstripping. Aside from water entering the doors and windows, you'll also face the trouble of hearing wind noise as you speed up on the highway. To know if your Chevrolet Camaro weatherstrip seal needs to be replaced, here's a list of the most common problems you can encounter:

    The rubber strippings have already cracked.

    It can take some meticulous inspection to find out if your car's weatherstrip seal has been damaged. One sign that can indicate worn out strippings is when you see wet carpet either on your floor or in the passenger area.

    Inspect the weatherstrip seals closely to pinpoint where the seal had been damaged. You may come across parts of the stripping that had already cracked over time. You can opt to change only a part of the rubber seals, or replace the entire stripping itself. Whichever choice you make, ensure that the weatherstrip seals are replaced immediately.

    The weatherstrip seals have lost their pliability.

    Stretched throughout your vehicle, the weatherstripping is prone to losing its pliability after some time. When this happens, the rubber seals may no longer be able to protect you from the harsh weather outside.

    Examine the seals around the door's frame and the perimeter of the car door itself. Check the condition of the weatherstrippings by squeezing the rubber in between your fingers. If you have observed that the rubber doesn't get squished or fails to spring back, then the seals may no longer be able to hold off elements from getting inside your car.

    The weatherstripping had been punctured.

    The wind noise you hear as you drive on the road could mean that there are holes in the rubber seals. Check the entire Chevrolet Camaro weatherstrip seal to find where the strippings had been punctured. If there are too many holes, then it might be best that you replace the whole weatherstrip seal instead of trying to fix a certain part.