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Chevrolet Cavalier Parts and Chevrolet Cavalier Accessories

Sporty, savvy Chevy Cavalier vehicles are what millions of people trust and depend on in terms of small cars. Available in coupe and sedan offerings, these imposing vehicles are sleek in appearance and powered by a 140-hp 2.2L engine with refined suspension that works hard to allow consumers to experience maximum satisfaction. Many top features were piled up into these vehicles that make it comfortable and safe to drive along to any of your race adventures. The first Cavalier editions were first introduced in the year 1981 as an early 1982 model and were designed to meet and exceed foreign consumers' expectations. And even up until now, Chevy Cavalier proved to be of success as consumers are more than delighted to own any of these editions. Chevy Cavalier automobiles reaped an outstanding accomplishment when they became the overall best-selling car in America in the middle of 1980's. Production of these vehicles remains one of Chevy s masterpieces of their craftsmanship.
While an outstanding vehicle like Chevy Cavalier is an ultimate achievement by just owning one, over time of contented usage parts may wear itself down. In this aspect, Chevy Cavalier automotive parts were made available in the market. To keep Chevy Cavalier vehicles running in constant top form, automotive parts will conjoin along in the industry to help owners in doing preventive maintenance. Chevy Cavalier parts work side by side along these vehicles to keep constant existence gracing the roads. With Chevy Cavalier replacement parts in the market, every Chevy Cavalier part failure will be fixed to keep it functioning into its original performance. Chevy Cavalier parts are designed and graded to the specifications of every Chevy Cavalier automobiles so that application won't be a matter of difficulty. And, it is an obligatory task manufacturer of Chevy Cavalier parts and accessories to produce it only with the finest in durability to protect Chevy vehicles with its reputation of bringing only top features.
Taking necessary maintenance measures in regular routine will make up for an early detection of some possible failures. In this way, addressing future failures will prevent you from taking your vehicle in facing serious repairing or restoring. This would also avoid you from shelling out a large sum of money because it could get very costly to bring your vehicle into the mechanic. With Chevy Cavalier automotive parts, your vehicle would never be left out in the garage and will continue to serve your driving moments perfectly.

Chevrolet Cavalier Articles

  • Chevrolet Cavalier Problems 22 February 2013

    The Chevrolet Cavalier was considered as one of the most successful vehicles in the American automotive industry, but before it reached its status today, earlier models suffered several mechanical issues, which resulted to a lot of recalls. Through these faults, the Chevy manufacturers found a way to improve the auto. Eventually, each year, more and more buyers preferred to own this Chevy model. So, here are some of the common problems encountered with the Cavalier and the reasons behind them.

    Brake defects

    Among the several issues encountered with the Chevrolet Cavalier, brake system problems seem to be the most dominant. In fact, in several occasions during the car's manufacturing from 1982 to 2005, the auto was recalled several times. It was during 1987, 1993, 1998, and 2003 that the models were recalled for improvement.

    During this time span, several brake system problems were detected. The parking brake lever, which triggers a car to stop, was found to be faulty. Earlier models also had recurring brake hose problems. Several complaints were also reported regarding the vehicle's faulty anti-lock brake system. By the latter years of the Chevy model, most problems encountered were faulty brake lights. Luckily, replacing the bulbs seems to have solved most of the brake light dilemma.

    Engine issues

    Another common complaint by Chevy Cavalier owners involves engine issues. These defects were more prominently experienced by car owners with later models-those with fuel-injected engines. Some of the problems include engine flooding and idling. Most of the culprits found were faulty electrical connections and damaged ignition coils. In some instances of stalling, the damage is attributed to loose bolts in the throttle body and intake manifold. Other cases showed that the defects may also be a result of vacuum line leaks.

    Transmission problems

    Faulty transmission systems were also common with the Chevy. But luckily, these problems were easily detected because they manifest through noise and performance issues. In fact, in some instances, Chevy owners hear excessive whining. When this happens, the first thing to look for is a low transmission fluid level. The manufacturers suggest that owners add fluid by placing a long-neck funnel in the auto's dipstick hole. Sometimes, rough shift behavior is exhibited through grinding noises, especially when changing gears.