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Chevrolet Cavalier Cornering Light

Common Symptoms of a Bad Chevrolet Cavalier Cornering Light

Your Chevrolet Cavalier is equipped with safety features to keep you secured whenever you are on the road. These safety features include your cornering light. Many owners are not aware of this particular function although it works with your turn signal. However, unlike the turn signal, this light does not blink. Instead, it provides extra illumination of the area where you intend to turn to. It is more like a headlight that is aimed at the side of your car. And, just like your headlight, your cornering light is prone to various electrical problems. Following are some of these.

Both cornering lights do not work

First of all, you should be aware that your cornering light only lights up when you turn your steering wheel and when you are running at around 25mph. If your cornering light does not activate in these instances, there may be an issue with the whole of your headlight assembly. Your cornering light is clustered with your headlight which slightly moves out of its place over time. When this happens, the condition and operation of your cornering light are affected. If you experience this issue, the headlight assembly may be the first place to check.

Cornering light turns on when brake pedal is pressed

Another common issue with your cornering light is when it activates when you press your brake pedal. This is an infamous effect of a bad ground. When this happens, you need to look at the wires connected to your Chevrolet Cavalier cornering light and brake light. There may be loose or disconnected wires. The first place to check is the trunk and the wiring harnesses of your brake light. Look closely for hidden corrosion that may cause the problem.

One Chevrolet Cavalier cornering light does not turn off

When one cornering light does not turn off, a short circuit may have occurred in the electrical wirings. This safety feature works with your car's electrical system and computer, so the first things to check should be the wires connected to your cornering light and the computer. You may need to disconnect the shorted wire and have it checked for proper voltage flow. With this, you would need your car's wiring diagram. Be careful as you might disconnect a wire that is not connected to your cornering light.

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  • How to Take Care of Your Chevrolet Cavalier Cornering Light

    Nighttime illumination and visibility are very crucial to your safety. With this, your Chevrolet Cavalier is equipped with various lighting features that assist you in every turn you make. These include your cornering light which works in conjunction with your turn signals. This means that once your cornering light goes bad, you are at risk of an accident in every sudden turn. With this, you need to take good care of this safety feature as much as you take care of your other automotive lights. Doing so is not difficult at all.

    Check the aim of your cornering light.

    The aim and position of your cornering light are important to its function. This lighting feature is aimed at the side of your car to provide illumination of the area. If your cornering light is not focused properly, it may not help much in turning and changing lanes. Also, this means that the whole of your headlight assembly is not positioned well.

    Regularly wash your headlight assembly.

    Your cornering light is clustered with your headlight assembly. During your daily drives, dirt and dust accumulate at the surface of your cornering light. These buildups can cause a lot of issues in the future. However, these problems may be avoided through regular cleaning. Polishing compound, proper cleaning products, and clean cloth are enough to keep your cornering light and headlight assembly clean.

    Avoid high-wattage stereo systems.

    Having a high-wattage audio system makes your car a real head-turner. However, it consumes so much power from your battery that other electrical parts are affected-including your Chevrolet Cavalier cornering light. If such system is equipped on your car, your cornering light might flicker or become dim. If you insist on having this kind of audio system, it may be better to have your battery and alternator checked and upgraded if necessary.

    Be extra careful during the winter.

    Needless to say, you need to prepare your car parts for the winter. This includes your Chevrolet Cavalier cornering light. Minutes of driving can cause thin sheets of snow to accumulate on your cornering light lens. These can become worse and damage the whole assembly. With this, it is advisable to wipe your cornering light lens of these buildups more often.