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Chevrolet Cavalier Engine Mount

Reasons for Your Chevrolet Cavalier Engine Mount Failure

Also known as motor mount, the engine mount is designed to support or cradle the engine of your Chevrolet Cavalier. This component is usually made of rubber and has the capacity to insulate engine vibrations and engine torque. However, despite its durable construction, your Chevrolet Cavalier engine mount may still deteriorate over time and may affect other car parts especially the engine. To avoid bigger problems and more expenses, here are some of the common engine mount problems you might encounter with your Cavalier and their causes:


It's pretty easy to figure out the reason why an engine droops excessively to one side-inspect the engine mount for misalignment. If the mount is on a tilted position and the engine seems to be drooping, you would have to immediately replace the engine mount. Aside from securing your car's powerplant, the mount is also responsible for ensuring equal height on all sides of the engine. If the engine mount is left in the wrong placement, different components or the engine itself may end up failing.

Engine noise

Noise is always a common symptom of a vehicle problem. When you hear noise such as clanking or knocking from the engine compartment, you should examine parts such as belts and hoses because they may be broken. Also, the engine block may be bumping against damaged mounts that have become loose. Check these parts and assess their condition.

Engine vibration

If you have noticed unusual engine vibrations especially when your vehicle is at a stop while the engine is still running, it is highly possible that the engine mount is damaged. The vibrations are often caused by an improperly fastened engine on the engine mount, which could also produce a thrumming sound. You can verify this problem by putting your car in neutral. If you have observed a decrease in shaking, you would have to visually inspect the engine mount and repair or replace it if necessary.

Engine damage

In extreme cases of engine mount failure, the engine gets damaged pretty badly. Sometimes, the mount totally breaks off from the engine and poses accident risks especially when the car is driven at high speeds. A sudden acceleration may be experienced due to added tension in the accelerator cable, which could have resulted froma sagging engine. It is always better to resolve problems in the engine mount as soon as possible to avoid grave road accidents.

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  • How to Keep Your Chevrolet Cavalier Engine Mount Reliable

    Your Chevrolet Cavalier is equipped with a reliable engine that generates sufficient power for your vehicle to operate fully. And for the engine to always perform at its best, an equally dependable engine mount is needed. Assigned with the responsibility to hold the engine in place, the Chevrolet Cavalier engine mount should be made from durable materials with enough resistance to heat. However, despite being a sturdy component, the mount can still fail due to age or neglect. That is why you need to take care of your engine mount as well to avoid serious engine troubles. Just follow these tips to ensure that your mount is in good condition at all times.

    • Schedule a regular inspection.
    • You cannot rely on mere signs to verify the condition of your engine mount. It is always better to visually inspect it for defects since its most common problem is misalignment. You need to pop the hood open to clearly observe the condition of the mount, but it will not be necessary to take it out.
    • Check the mount for unusual movement.
    • You might need the help of another person to start the engine and rev it up while you examine if the engine mount is moving. When the engine is being revved, the mount stretches. However, its movement should not be visible. It's normal for the engine to move but not for the engine mount. If the mount is obviously moving, a bushing inside it could have failed. Remember not to stick your hands near the engine mount while revving, though. You could possibly injure yourself.p>
    • Check the engine.
    • It would also be helpful to check the engine for excessive movement. It should not be hitting the fan, the fan shroud, or any other component. If the engine moves while it is being revved and not making contact with anything else, the engine mount is definitely in good condition.
    • Replace the engine mount when necessary.
    • Once the engine mount has worn out, an immediate replacement would be necessary to prevent it from causing damage on other parts. The installation of a new engine mount is not too difficult to accomplish. You only need to remove the bolts attached to the old one and then screw these bolts back into place once you have attached the new mount. Don't forget to use a jack and a block of wood to support the engine oil pan and lift the engine and engine mount from the frame.