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Chevrolet Celebrity Corner Lights

How to Diagnose Common Chevrolet Celebrity Corner Lights Troublemakers

Your mid-size Chevy's lighting system cannot be complete without an efficient pair of Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights. Sure, to light your way while you drive, you have your fog lights and head lights. And to let the vehicles behind you know of your Celebrity's position, you have your tail lights and marker lights. But you also need something to signal your turns and swerves, especially at night. For this, you have your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights that allow you to warn approaching vehicles when you maneuver your car. This ensures you safe and efficient driving, keeping you from meeting accidents on your way, especially when you change lanes or make sudden turns. It is pretty obvious that your safety also depends on your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights. But what is more apparent is that you should be able to keep these lights well-functioning and efficient. Luckily, you only have to continue reading to get some simple Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights troubleshooting tips that are sure to save you a trip to the hospital-because of a road mishap, thanks to failing lights.


Corner lights, as the name suggests, are positioned at the side of the front portion of your car. Mounted on such an exposed area, your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights are not just vulnerable to elements but to accident-related damages as well. One of the most common causes of Chevy side marker lights is a fender bender. Although fender benders are just minor accidents, they can still cause a lot of trouble, especially to your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights. Should you experience a fender bender, check your side marker lights immediately. Damage on the corner lights is relatively easy to spot. If you see scratches or dents, consider replacing your damaged Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights immediately as these deteriorations can also affect visibility.

Dirt buildup

If you have recently driven on the freeway alongside a garbage truck, a coal transporter, or a gravel carrier, you might want to do a quick check-up on your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights. Particles from these vehicles may cloud your side marker lights, affecting its efficiency and your road visibility, too. If you are still having visibility problems after doing a quick cleaning, then your corner lights might already need major restoration or even replacement.

Material wear

Deterioration is a natural process for any material. Over time, expect to see some impairment in your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights. Among these are burnt-out light and loose internal wirings. If your lights often burn out, you might want to check the wirings. Turn on your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights for a few minutes and check if it emits a burning smell. If your lights are positive of this, then it means that the internal wirings of your corner lights are already failing and needing replacement.

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  • How to Keep Bright Your Chevrolet Celebrity Corner Lights

    To guide you on both your daytime and nighttime driving, you have your Celebrity's head lights and fog lights. And when the skylight becomes too dim that the vehicles behind you may not see your Chevrolet Celebrity, the marker lights and tail lights come to the rescue. But these sets of front and rear lights cannot provide all your drive's lighting needs. For instance, there has to be a way for you to signal to approaching or nearby vehicles that you are about to maneuver or change lanes. In this picture enters the role of your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights. Apparently, it is more than a minor part-small as it is, it can still save you your life.

    Constantly check for damage.

    One way to keep your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights bright is to perform constant check-ups. Given their very exposed position, which is just at the sides of the fender, your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights are prone to scratches and cracks. This is an especially obvious case when your car meets a fender bender. But scratches, cracks, and other form of damages can also be acquired even in daily driving. An example of this is exposure to coal, gravel, and even dirt. These can cloud your lights, which can also affect their brightness. So make it a point to always check your Chevy Celebrity side marker lights. It is highly important to keep them from having considerable scratches, cracks, and material buildup that may even affect your visibility while driving. To efficiently examine your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights, it is better to lie on the ground to access the engine bay.

    Do not delay replacements.

    A busted corner light requires you to risk your nighttime driving. Without the signaling function of even just one of your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights, you endanger your own life, including those of your passengers. It is, therefore, imperative that you replace defective parts as soon as you detect them. Some of the primary components of your side marker light assembly are the fuse and wirings. If your Chevrolet Celebrity corner lights fail to turn on, then the fuse might be busted or the wirings might have loosened. Good thing replacements for these components are conveniently available at local car parts stores.