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Chevrolet Cobalt Parts and Chevrolet Cobalt Accessories

Interesting Facts about the Chevrolet Cobalt

  • The Chevrolet Cobalt's trim line, Cobalt SS, generally received positive reviews as it was the first-ever entry of General Motors into the tuner market. The three versions of the Cobalt SS were the SS Naturally-aspirated, SS Supercharged, and SS Turbocharged. In 2008, the Cobalt SS won the Street Tuner championship of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge from the Grand American Road Racing Association. The following year, four Cobalt SS's were used in the same competition, but none of the cars came home with the championship.

  • With its 260-horsepower, turbo version, the 2008-09 Chevrolet Cobalt SS is one of the most affordable, high-performance used cars today. Apart from the impressive horsepower of the car, it also has a sport-tuned suspension that provides an outstanding grip. The price range of a used Cobalt SS is around $16,000 to $22,000. It can be hard to find, though, because not a lot were produced in its 5-year lifespan.

  • The Cobalt XFE (eXtra Fuel Economy), one of the trim lines of the Chevrolet Cobalt, was released in 2009. It was focused more on fuel efficiency, and was labeled as one of the twelve greenest cars of 2010 because its fuel mileage on the highway is 37 and 25 in the city. Ironically enough, the total number of Chevrolet Cobalts sold in the U.S. on those years was just above the two hundred thousand mark in spite of the the unpredictable fuel prices, and the lower fuel consumption the model was aimed to market.

  • The production of the Chevrolet Cobalt in North America was discontinued in 2010. However, General Motors do Brasil, the largest subsidiary of General Motors in South America, reintroduced the Cobalt in early 2012. The vehicle is sold today in more than 40 countries across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. Surprisingly, the Cobalt is not sold in the U.S.

  • Chevrolet introduced the Cobalt in 2004 after the 23-year existence of its predecessor, the Cavalier. The U.S. sales of the Cobalt in its first year barely reached the five-thousand mark, with just 4,959 units sold. Just a year later, the number of units sold in North America ballooned to 212,667. It maintained the level just above two hundred thousand in the next two years until its sales numbers slowly descended in 2009 and 2010.

Chevrolet Cobalt Articles

  • Common Chevrolet Cobalt Problems

    General Motors introduced the Chevrolet Cobalt as the successor of the Cavalier and the Prizm compact cars. In its 6-year lifespan from 2004 to 2010, the Cobalt has sold over one million units worldwide, and the SS or Super Sport trim line was its most popular trim line. However, there had been some problems majority of the owners encountered with the Chevy model. Here's a list of some of the Cobalt issues:

    Power steering

    One of the most common problems encountered with the Chevrolet Cobalt, the power steering of the vehicle has been an issue since the first units came out in 2005. Most owners complain about the stiffness of the steering wheel when driving under 15mph. There are also some instances that the steering wheel warning will light up, causing the steering wheel to suddenly fail and get stuck in its same position.

    In 2010, GM recalled a total of 1.3 million vehicles, which included Chevrolet Cobalt models from 2005 to 2010. The recall was done because of the complaints with the power steering assist of the vehicles. In total, there had been 1,100 complaints filed which includes an injury and 14 crashes.

    Ignition switch

    Another problem encountered by most Chevrolet Cobalt owners is the key that gets frequently stuck in the ignition. Although the problem is not as crucial as the first one, still, there were numerous complaints about it especially in the 2005 to 2006 models of the Cobalt. Most problems occurred on an automatic transmission vehicle, after shifting the lever to park mode. The key failed to detach from the ignition, thereby causing an increase in the consumption of the battery.

    Although Chevrolet never released an official word about the issue, most owners resorted in replacing the shifter instead, or brought their vehicles to their car's dealership.

    Other car problems that resulted to vehicle recall

    Aside from the mentioned common problems, there are other recalls issued by GM. In 2005, the Cobalt units were recalled due to the headlamp shields that loosen when the car vibrates. Both headlamp assemblies were replaced by the car dealers. In the same year, the Cobalt vehicles were also recalled because the optional roof-mounted side impact air bags were not equipped in the model.