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Chevrolet Cobalt Bumper Cover

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Chevrolet Cobalt Bumper Cover

Most Chevrolet Cobalt owners outfit their ride with a bumper cover for additional protection. This component helps in absorbing the impact from possible head-on collisions. With this, exterior components such as fog lights, hood, and grille are spared from being damaged. Your bumper cover also adds up to the style of your ride. Thus, you must keep your Chevrolet Cobalt bumper cover clean and refurbished to lengthen its protective feature. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow for its proper maintenance:

  • Use a mild soapy mixture to remove unwanted particles from your bumper cover.

You can prevent dirt and grime from accumulating in your bumper cover through washing it. For this matter, you can use a mild car soap mixed with warm water to take away unwanted particles. You can also use a soft bristle brush for scrubbing the surface while washing. This is not too abrasive, so your bumper cover will not be scratched.

  • Use lacquer thinner or white vinegar to effectively remove paint stains.

If your bumper cover has tough stains that cannot be removed by brushing and washing, you can use a lacquer thinner for eliminating those unwanted spots. This can also be helpful in taking away paint stains. As an alternative, you can also rub undiluted white vinegar on the surface of your bumper cover. This natural cleaning substance can help in removing blotches without damaging your bumper cover. Moreover, you can use an 80-grit sandpaper to rub off the stains together with the lacquer thinner or white vinegar.

  • Use a cleaning gel or clear coat to refurbish your bumper cover.

For enhanced look and protection, you can apply a cleaning gel or a clear coat on your bumper cover after cleaning it thoroughly. Because of its constant road exposure, your bumper cover can be easily damaged or scratched. The gel and the clear coat can keep the quality of your bumper cover, and can also prevent it from fading due to the harmful rays of the sun.

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  • Three Helpful Tips for Your Chevrolet Cobalt Bumper Cover Installation

    Imagine what a disaster your vehicle would be if there is no protective part that can protect it from road collisions. Your Chevrolet Cobalt bumper cover prevents scenarios such as this because it is toughly built to shield some of your ride's exterior components from damage. However, it can be damaged and faded over time especially when you frequently encounter collisions. So if you want to replace your old bumper cover, you can do the installation process by yourself. Here are easy tips that can guide you:

    Tip #1: Use a drill-mounted wire brush and lubricant oil to easily remove rusted bolts.

    If your old bumper cover is hard to remove, then its bolts are possibly rusted. For this matter, you can spray a lubricant oil to help in loosening them. In addition, you can use a drill-mounted wire brush to rub off the rust deposits together with the help of the lubricant. Make sure to inspect if all the remaining bolts are already removed for your old bumper cover to fall off easily.

    Tip #2: Blotches on the bumper cover can be removed by sanding and painting before installation.

    You must also sand your new bumper cover before installing it to avoid blotches and stains that can be unsightly. For this matter, you can wet sand your bumper cover using 600-grit sandpaper, which can eliminate tough spots to even out the surface. Moreover, you must initially paint or apply clear coat on the bumper cover. The coat can make your bumper cover polished, and can enhance its quality once you install it.

    Tip #3: Test fit your bumper cover to check if the screws or bolts are aligned with the holes on the frame.

    You must make sure that your bumper cover will fit snugly against the frame of your vehicle. To test fit your bumper cover, it is better to ask someone for assistance. The other person can hold the other side of your bumper cover while you align it into place. Test fitting your bumper cover can also help you to identify if the holes of its screws or bolts are lined up with the holes on the edges of your vehicle's frame.