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Chevrolet Colorado Fender Flares

Tips to Remember in Cleaning and Refurbishing Your Chevrolet Colorado Fender Flares

Your Chevrolet Colorado is made durable inside out and is equipped with protective parts that can prevent damage. On the exterior, its protective parts include your fender flares. They are located over your wheel well and have the same form to match your vehicle. Your fender flares function by preventing dirt or any road debris from damaging or scratching the other parts of your vehicle like the windshield. Because of their aesthetic and protective features, your fender flares need to be maintained at all times. No worries, because you can do the cleaning and restoration procedure easily. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Use the appropriate cleaner for your painted or unpainted fender flares.

Wash all the areas of your fender flares with mild car soap. Ensure that all dirt particles will be removed in the process, so you can have a clean surface for polishing or painting your fender flares. Once they get dry, you can apply a cleaner on their areas underneath. You may use a tire cleaner or a cleaning substance that is proven safe on plastic and rubber. Use a lint-free cloth when applying the cleaning substance on your fender flares because this type of cloth can avoid scratches. If your fender flares are painted, you can use car wax for enhancing their style and protection. However, you cannot use car wax for unpainted fender flares because it can cause abrasion. You can repeat rinsing and applying the cleaner if necessary.

  • Reapply paint if suitable and necessary, or simply put a clear coat for extra protection.

To refurbish your painted fender flares' look, you may reapply paint on them. Do not forget to apply light strokes of paint, and let it settle on your fender flares before putting another coat. This is because heavy strokes can ruin the look of your fender flares. Also, cover the surrounding areas with cloth or masking tape to prevent them from being painted. Once the paint is distributed evenly on the areas of your fender flares, let them dry off completely before using your vehicle to let the paint be absorbed well. If your fender flares are unpainted and you want to retain them, just put a clear coat for added protection against UV rays while enhancing their quality as well.

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  • Tips for an Efficient Installation of Your Chevrolet Colorado Fender Flares

    Your Chevrolet Colorado is designed to give you a unique driving experience, may it be off-road or not. Because of its versatile capacity in traversing different driving paths and kind of environment you usually drive it in, your ride can be prone to accumulating road debris and other dirt particles. Luckily, your fender flares serve as protective components for your wheels. They also enhance the aesthetic aspect of your ride. These add-ons, however, are susceptible to damage or wearing out because of their crucial function as an exterior part. So if ever you decide to replace or install new ones for your Chevrolet Colorado, here are some tips that can help you out:

    Tip #1: Your new fender flares must be dirt-free for the adhesive to work well.

    Before installing your new fender flares, make sure that all the areas are clean and free from dirt. This will enable the adhesive to stick on the frame firmly. To do this, you can use a mild car cleaner for wiping the surface, and sandpaper for buffing rough or uneven surfaces. Reapply the cleaner for a more polished finish.

    Tip #2: Test fit your fender flares to check for any adjustments before securing them.

    Align your fender flares on the body of your vehicle, so you can be sure that they fit exactly. To guarantee their precise location, check if the front areas of your fender flares are aligned with your bumper, and if the bottom areas are aligned to the bottom part of your fenders as well. In addition, make sure that your fender flares and the frame have the precise location and size of holes. If you see that adjustments should be made, you may have to drill holes on your vehicle's frame.

    Tip #3: Attach the adhesive and the bolts of your fender flares as supporting materials.

    Place your fender flares against the frame of your vehicle to get them ready for installation. Each fender flare has a double-sided tape attached on the back. Once you are ensured that they are in the correct positions and the holes are lined up properly, you can peel the tape off the back. Insert the bolts through the holes of your fender flares onto the frame afterwards, so you can guarantee that your fender flares have additional support. Apply gentle pressure once you are done so that your fender flares will be settled into place firmly.