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Chevrolet Cruze Window Visor

Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Chevrolet Cruze Window Visor

Your window visor isn't just there to add style to your Chevrolet Cruze. It gives you the freedom to roll your windows down without having to worry about the rain or the wind hitting you in the face. For continuous driving comfort even with your windows down, here are some maintenance tips for your Chevrolet Cruze window visor:

  • Keep it spotless.

You already know that your window visor is exposed to dust, dirt, grime or even bugs while you're on the road. This is just inevitable, and the best thing you can do is to prevent these things from building up and causing further damage to your visor. Washing your window visor is easy; simply dilute your regular car soap with warm water to clean the filth off the visor's surface. Use a microfiber cloth instead of newspapers or old rags to avoid scratches and streaks.

  • Reinforce your visor with a bit of protectant.

A good way to prevent your window visor from discoloration and premature wear is by applying a bit of protectant over its surface. Choose a quality protectant that can shield your visor from the damaging UV rays while making it look good as new. You can apply this using a soft cloth. Rub it in circular motion and make sure that you cover the entire surface of the visor.

  • Use manufacturer-recommended cleaners.

Not all cleaners are safe for your acrylic window visor. If you're planning to use the cleaning solutions you already have at home, check its contents first for any harmful chemicals. Cleaners that contain ammonia should definitely be avoided because this will only damage your visor's tint. Read your user's manual to see which chemicals are compatible with your visor and which are not.

  • Keep a cleaning kit with you.

Resist the urge to wipe that dead love bug off of your window visor using your bare hands. This will only make things worse. Any type of dirt is abrasive and wiping them off without the proper cleaning materials will only result to scratches over the visor's surface. This is why it's recommended that you bring along a cleaning kit whenever you take your Chevrolet Cruze out for a ride. A small bottle of cleaning solution and a clean piece of microfiber towel will get you covered in case of situations like this.

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  • Few Things to Keep in Mind When Installing Your Chevrolet Cruze Window Visor

    Your Chevrolet Cruze window visor is a very handy car accessory that allows you to enjoy the breeze from outside even when it's raining or snowing. It also deflects road debris so you won't have to worry about dirt getting in your car. But aside from keeping you and your car's interior safe, your window visor also helps in improving gas mileage by optimizing your car's aerodynamic performance.

    Another thing that's great about a window deflector is that you can easily attach it on your own. You don't need to be a mechanical genius and you're not required to visit a professional either. All you need to do is to check out a few of these tips to make your Chevrolet Cruze window visor installation a lot easier:

    Tip #1: Thoroughly clean the area where you will mount the window visor.

    Installing your window visor is more than just taping it in place. You should first prepare the area where you plan to mount it to make sure that it adheres perfectly and won't fall off. Wash your vehicle first and try to remove as much filth as you can. If you feel like the area still needs more cleaning, dab some rubbing alcohol on a lint-free cloth and wipe it over the surface to remove remaining dirt or grease. Let the area dry completely before you continue with the installation.

    Tip #2: Mark placement lines over the mounting location.

    Hold your window visor over its mounting location and mark the placement lines. During installation, all you have to do is place the visor over the marked area and make sure that it aligns with the lines you made. Double check if the visor is on its proper mounting location before you fix it in place. Doing this makes the job a lot easier and helps you prevent possible installation mistakes.

    Tip #3: Make sure you apply sufficient pressure over the visor.

    Sticking the visor over your car's window is not the last step in its installation process. You need to make sure that it's totally secured into place by exerting light pressure over it for three to five minutes. Putting too much pressure on your visor while doing this can cause it to crack or break, so be careful.