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Chevrolet Distributor

The internal combustion engine is the device responsible for making vehicles run. This mechanism is where the chemical process of combustion takes place. Being complex itself, the internal combustion engine is made up of a lot of subsystems. Subsystems such as these perform varying functions, all of which are required by the engine to be able to function as smoothly as possible.
The ignition system is one of the many subsystems that make up the internal combustion engine. The ultimate goal of this system is to ignite the fuel at exactly the right time so that the expanding gases can do the maximum amount of work. The ignition system is switched on and off through a lock switch operated with a key or a code patch. An ignition system that fires at the wrong time will cause power to fall and gas consumption to increase.
This sole function makes the ignition system an important part of the overall engine system. To be able to operate, the system makes use of high quality parts that contribute to the creation of the spark. These high quality parts include the device called the distributor. The role of the distributor is to ensure that everything is in synch as far as processes in the ignition system is concerned.
Vehicles that utilize internal combustion engines utilize distributors as part of their ignition systems. Vehicles with the Chevrolet name are no exception to this rule. Chevrolet vehicles employ Chevrolet distributors meant to work hand-in-hand with Chevrolet ignition systems. These proficient devices do the important job of controlling the timing of the spark by distributing high voltage to the correct cylinder.
The existence of Chevrolet distributors is the reason why Chevrolet vehicles are able to function smoothly and quietly under ordinary circumstances. With the employment of these devices, owners of Chevrolet vehicles are able to enjoy the security of having vehicles that are capable of operating with just one turn of a key.