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Chevrolet Equinox Floor Mats

Tips in Maintaining the Cleanliness of Your Chevrolet Equinox Floor Mats

If you frequently travel with kids or don’t have much time every week to de-clutter your cabin, it’s important that you keep the interior of your Chevy Equinox clean and odor free. Doing so will also keep you from having to take out your Chevrolet Equinox floor mats every now and them for thorough cleaning. Here are some tips on how you can properly maintain your floor mats and add years to their lives:

  • Always clear out the garbage after every trip.

The easiest way to keep your Chevy SUV, and thus the Chevrolet Equinox floor mats, clean is to take out all the garbage from the vehicle after every trip. If you travel with kids, you surely have food wrappers and empty bottles in there. Throw all the dirt away to prevent them from piling up or from causing stains and stubborn dirt on the mats. You see, plastic bottles and soda containers may still have some fluid left on them, which might spill onto the mats and cause unpleasant smell and stain.

  • Avoid eating and drinking inside the vehicle.

Of course, the best way to prevent liquid spills and food stains on the your Chevrolet Equinox floor mats and carpet is to avoid drinking and eating inside your Equinox. Since eating cannot be avoided on long-distance trips with the family, you can just choose to pull over on a fast food or on a shady area for a short stop over so you can have your snacks or meals outside.

  • Vacuum the mats after every day you use the vehicle.

At the end of every driving day, it is advised to dry clean your mats. If you’re too tired to take out your mats and shake the dirt off, then just let your portable handheld vacuum do the job for you.

  • Use the ideal cleaning method for the type of mat you put in your ride.

When cleaning your Chevrolet Equinox floor mats, make sure to use the cleaning method that’s right for the type of mat you have in your car. You should also consider how filthy the mats are. Bear in mind that not all mats can be machine washed, no matter how durable they are. Yes, they can endure long hours of being soaked on detergent or being brushed on the surface, but the cleaning process inside a washing machine can be too harsh on them.

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