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Chevrolet Equinox Headlight

Caring for and Maintaining the Chevrolet Equinox Headlight: 3 Essential Tips

The headlights are, without any doubt, the most important set of lights on the Chevrolet Equinox. Without them, you will be literally driving blind at night. Their key role in keeping your ride safe at low-light conditions is more than enough reason to keep these lights in top condition. Caring for and maintaining your Chevrolet Equinox headlight can help minimize wear and guarantee that you'll start your drive with the headlights in top form. Below are some tips on how to care for the headlights in your Equinox:

  • Clean the headlights regularly and, if possible, by hand.

Whether it is dust, mud, or bug spatter, the headlight can get dirty pretty quickly. And aside from making your vehicle's front end ugly to look at, a dirty headlight will also lower visibility and speed up wear of the headlight assembly.

Once dirt starts to build up on the headlight lens, take the time to wash it by hand. While an automatic car wash can effectively clean the headlight lens, the brushes they use tend to be too stiff and leave scratches on the headlight lens. Use your preferred car shampoo and apply it onto the lens with a soft cloth or wash mitt. Rinse thoroughly and wipe it dry with a clean cloth to prevent water from seeping through the lens.

  • Take note of a fading beam.

The halogen bulbs that come standard in Equinox headlights slowly burn out over time, and once the bulb is near its final paces it will start to emit a noticeably diminished beam. So once your headlights appear dimmer than normal, have the bulbs checked and replaced as necessary. Make sure not to touch the bulb directly, however, as direct contact with your skin can actually cause the bulb to overheat once its turned on and irreplaceably damage its housing.

  • Clear up cloudy headlights with a bit of toothpaste.

On the other hand, faded headlight beams can also be caused by cloudy lenses. Constant exposure to the sun can cause the surface of the headlight's lens to deteriorate, resulting in a faded, yellowish appearance. If the fading is not that severe, try applying toothpaste onto the lens and rub it with a microfiber cloth. The abrasive compounds on the toothpaste should scrape away the damaged lens surface for a cleaner and brighter look.

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  • Troubleshooting a Faulty Chevrolet Equinox Headlight

    A malfunctioning Chevrolet Equinox headlight can be quite frustrating, but the problem can be caused by more than just one source. Modern headlights, like those found in the Equinox, are complex electrical devices that are connected to various parts of the car; and if one of them fails due to damage, wear, or defect, it will cause one or both the headlights to lose performance or cease to function entirely. If one or both of the headlights in your Chevrolet Equinox have started to act up, consider these troubleshooting tips:

    Tip #1: Check the bulb.

    If only one of the headlights is malfunctioning, the most likely culprit is a burnt-out bulb. Headlight bulbs, particularly the factory halogen ones, tend to burn out after 2,500 hours of use and will need to be replaced. Unlock the retaining ring from the headlight assembly and, with your hands on the base of the socket, pull out the bulb from the housing. Check if the filament is still in one piece; if not, replace the bulb.

    Tip #2: Clean rust off the socket.

    Rust can also prevent the headlight bulb from functioning properly by preventing power from reaching the bulb. If there is significant buildup on the socket, clean it by spraying the area with electrical contact cleaner. For heavy deposits, scrape it off with a small screwdriver or wire brush. Make sure that the battery is disconnected before starting to avoid electric shock.

    Tip #3: Check the fuse.

    If the headlight bulbs are fine or both the headlights don't work, the problem may be traced to a busted headlight fuse or relay. Open the fuse box in the engine bay—it's located near the side of the windshield—and pull out the main fuse for the headlight circuit. If the metal strip inside the fuse has broken into several pieces, throw it out, and replace it with a new one.

    On the other hand, if the fuse is intact, check the headlight relay or control module. Pull out the relay and shake it; if you hear a rattling sound, replace the relay. If you have an extra relay on hand, plug it in and check if it fixes the headlight.