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Chevrolet Fog Light

Vehicles are often flooded or surrounded with a lot of lights. On the front end of a vehicle are the head lights, corner lights, fog lights, parking lights, and others while on the rear end are the tail lights, backup lights, and brake lights. But have you ever wondered why all of these lights are installed in your vehicle? Is one set of light not enough to illuminate the road ahead of you or make your vehicle more visible from other driver's vehicle?

The main reason why your vehicle is equipped with a lot of lights is that each of these lights, or pair of lights, performs a function distinct from other auto lights. The fog lights of your car, for example, performs a different function from the headlights, even though both are mounted at the front end of the vehicle and both tries to illuminate the road ahead of you.

Unlike your vehicle's headlights, the fog lights emit low beam lights that can aid the headlights in illuminating the road during extremely low visibility conditions like when driving on a foggy road or when driving on harsh weather conditions. The low beam light that fog lights emit can easily pierce through the fog, snow, and rain while other lights, including your vehicles headlights, would simply bounce and would rather make the road look fuzzy. Fog lights, thus, make driving during bad weather conditions a lot safer.

Most Chevrolet vehicles come standard with Chevrolet fog lights upon purchase. Some, however, are not equipped with fog lights but they come available as optional equipments. Aside from stock and original Chevrolet fog lamps, there are also aftermarket Chevy fog lights that you can purchase and install on your Chevy, in case your vehicle does not come equipped with one. These aftermarket Chevy fog lamps are especially helpful for older Chevy vehicles whose original parts are already rare and no longer being manufactured.

  • Closer Look at Chevrolet Fog Light

    If, as with many older models, your vehicle did not roll out of the factory with a Chevy fog light set, that is something that is quite simple and affordable to remedy. And, with the added driving safety potential of a Chevy fog light set, it is certainly worthwhile to do so. Our online catalog, which features a broad assortment of aftermarket parts and accessories, as well as a variety of performance parts and customization kits, carries an excellent selection of Chevy fog light kits. Many of these Chevy fog light kits are pretty simple to install, with the harness often coming pre-wired, eliminating guesswork for those less experienced. While there may be slight differences in the components, depending on the specific kit chosen and the performance level selected, the typical Chevy fog light kit includes, in addition to the wiring harness, the mounting hardware, a detailed set of instructions written clearly to guide you towards a successful completion, the bulbs, the lamps, and the familiar amber yellow lenses, though some of the Euro-style Chevy fog light kits use the clear lenses that are popular in other countries. There are different performance levels of Chevy fog light sets, and you'll choose those according to your typical driving circumstances. If you typically spend most of your driving time in urban surroundings, then the standard type of Chevy fog light will suit you fine. However, if you commute in from the suburbs or do most of your driving in rural areas, a higher performance type of Chevy fog light is worthy of consideration, as you're much more likely to encounter thick fog on a regular basis. In addition to a variety of Chevy fog light kits, we also carry the parts you need to repair the Chevy fog lights you already have, as well as replacement units for those that came stock on your vehicle. You can order your Chevy fog light kit or parts online, using our secure site, or via our convenient toll-free telephone number.