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Chevrolet G20 Parts and Chevrolet G20 Accessories

Because of its low upkeep cost, massive, size, and total versatility, the Chevrolet G20 was the top work truck choice from its debut in the 60s until its last year in the mid-90s. Launched after the Corvair Greenbrier Van, the G20 was part of GMC's line of heavy-duty vansthis was released alongside G10, the light-duty version. The G20's first generation model started with a 2.51-L 4-cylinder engine that can generate up to 90 hp, which was already pretty powerful at the time. It had a box-shaped exterior with a simple design, making it perfect for hauling cargo and transporting packages around town. To give the Chevy Van a more up-to-date layout, GMC gave a major facelift to their line of second-generation G20s by adding a longer wheelbase, giving the exterior a different design, and changing the standard engine to a more powerful V8.

Fast forward to the 70sin response to its competitor, the Ford Econoline, the third-generation Chevrolet G20 again received numerous add-ons and upgrades. It had a unibody style frame, stronger hubs and brakes, and a more powerful 4.3 L V6 that produced 135 hp and 235 lb.-ft. of torque. Throughout the 70s, the G20s were only slightly modified every year, receiving grille revisions, headlight-style replacements, and transmission upgrades. When the 80s came, the G20 stayed pretty much the same, except for a few exterior layout modifications and the addition of a fuel-injected system.

Even in the 90s, the G20 remained a top choice for caterers, plumbers, and everyone who needed a work truck that can carry huge equipment and travel long distances. GMC responded to the demand by making only a few changes to the previous models. It simply worked on improving the safety feature of the Chevrolet G20 by adding side airbags, 4-wheel anti-lock brake systems, and other convenience features. The manufacturer also shifted to automatic transmission and included air conditioning as a standard in all models.