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Chevrolet HHR Parts and Chevrolet HHR Accessories

Perfect for medium-sized families and singles who travel a lot, the Chevrolet Hhr is a retro-styled station wagonits look said to be inspired by the 1949 Chevrolet Suburban. Initially launched in 2005, production of this vehicle was discontinued in 2011 to make way for the Chevrolet Captiva Sport. In spite of its short-term availability, the Hhr was one of the top compact crossover wagons in the United States. This vehicle was recognized for its massive cargo space, smart interior design, and eye-catching exterior, making it a common choice for practical consumers looking for a versatile and stylish automobile.

Chevrolet Hhr carried a modest Ecotec engine with a power-packed performance, producing up to 172 hp and 167 lb. ft. of torque. In spite of its high horsepower levels, this auto remained to be one of the most fuel-efficient models in its class with an EPA-estimated 32 MPG in highway driving; it can reach up to 512 miles between fill-ups. Through the Hhr, Chevrolet proved that it still has not lost its touch; the powerful performance of the vehicle remained silenced thanks to its top-notch Chevrolet Hhr parts like the suspension. The Hhr had a quiet ride, allowing passengers to enjoy the Chevrolet brand of luxurious comfort and smooth travel experience. It also had flat-folding rear and front passenger seatbacks, storage bins, and height-adjustable cargo panel.

In spite of its amazing design and performance, there are still things that needed to be improved on the old Hhr parts. The vehicle's controls were made of plastic, which slightly ruined the interior styling. There may be enough headroom, but the body's narrow shape may limit the comfort of the adults riding in the backseat. Driving the Hhr can also get a little stressfulbrake response wasn't as fast as other Chevy vehicles, handling can be a underwhelming, and the engine isn't really refined. In spite of these, the Hhr still wins in performance, reliability, and value. It is still a great vehicle for road trips, out-of-town camping, and long distance traveling.