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Chevrolet Impala Tail Light

Helpful Maintenance Tips for the Chevrolet Impala Tail Light

Maintenance of the Chevy Impala tail light can be a bit time-consuming, but it is essential if you want the lights to work properly. In this guide, we'll share some insightful tips on how to maintain the tail lights in your Impala.

  • Conduct regular inspections.

Ideally, you should check the lights of your car including those of the tail lights before using it for the day. Make sure to check that both sides of the tail lights are working and that they are of the same brightness and intensity. You should also check for any signs of damage or wear, including scratches, cracks, or fading on the lens surface.

  • Keep the light dry and free of moisture.

Chevy Impala tail lights are designed to be sealed from the elements, but moisture usually goes through in the form of condensation on the inner wall of the transparent lens. This condensation will usually disappear in a day, but if it persists or has actually increased, it may be necessary to detach the tail light lens and wipe it dry with a cloth. Moisture buildup is among the top causes of bulb burn-outs and can hasten corrosion of the tail light assembly's screws and other metal parts if left unattended. Some mechanics also recommend drilling a small hole at the underside of the tail light housing to allow the moisture to escape and avoid pooling.

  • Clear up faded or yellowing tail light lenses with toothpaste.

Fading and yellowing of the tail light lens is caused by the deterioration of the plastic surface due to exposure to UV rays from the sun. While most mechanics recommend getting a headlight restoration to fix these, you might want to try scrubbing the lens with toothpaste first. The mild abrasive chemicals found in toothpaste are also effective in stripping off the faded layers without damaging the lens. Simply apply a small amount on a piece of cloth, rub it against the lens surface in a circular motion, and rinse off.

  • Consider switching to LED tail lights.

Although they are far more expensive, LED tail lights offer a better value in the long run. LEDs tend to give off a much brighter light than their bulb-based counterparts, and last nearly 10 times as long. In fact, it's likely that the LED lights would outlive your car. In addition, LEDs are more energy-efficient, drawing in less power from the car battery which might otherwise be used for other applications.

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  • Essential Installation Tips for Chevrolet Impala Tail Light

    A busted tail light in your Chevy Impala will not only earn you traffic citations but also make driving at night more dangerous for you and other cars on the road. Luckily, replacement Chevrolet Impala tail light is not that hard to find online and is just easy to install.

    Installing a new set of tail lights is fairly easy to do, even for those who are not that experienced in DIY projects. And if you are planning to fit some new lights on your Impala, here are some tips that you might find helpful:

    Tip #1: Switch off.

    Tail lights are electrical devices that can still shock you if you're not careful, so make sure to shut off the engine and take the keys off the ignition. We also recommend removing the cables from the battery terminals, so you can be guaranteed that no electricity is running through the lines while you work on the tail lights.

    Tip #2: Check the manual.

    If you're not sure about the wiring of your car's tail lights, don't be afraid to refer to the user manual, specifically, the Service and Appearance Care section of the Impala Owners Manual. It should have a diagram for the rear light assembly for your car.

    Tip #3: Check the fuses as well.

    If you are replacing the tail light because of a burnt-out bulb, we recommend having a look at the tail light fuse. The fuse has the same service lifespan as the tail light bulb, so if the bulb has gone out chances are that the fuse is likely to go soon as well. In the Impala, the fuse block is located at the end of the instrument panel at the passenger's side. If the metal in the middle the fuse has split apart or is about to, it will need replacement.

    Tip #4: Be careful when handling the bulb.

    The glass case of the tail light bulb is so sensitive that oils in your fingertips will cause it to overheat, so make sure not to touch it with your bare hands. To handle the bulb, use a clean pair of gloves or a cotton cloth. If you accidentally touch the bulb's surface, clean it immediately with rubbing alcohol.