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Chevrolet Impala Windshield Wiper Motor

Troubleshooting the Chevrolet Impala Windshield Wiper Motor

While they are not included in the list of components in the Chevrolet Impala that require maintenance, the windshield wiper motor has to be checked and maintained on a regular basis to ensure its consistent operation. The wiper motor is responsible for powering the windshield wiper arm, and once it breaks down, the wiper will not move. And once the wiper doesn't move, driving in the rain and similar harsh weather can be a dangerous affair. Thankfully, windshield wiper motor problems are a rare occurrence, although it is still helpful to know how to troubleshoot Chevrolet Impala windshield wiper motor problems and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.

The wiper motor is not running

If you switch on the wiper and the wiper motor doesn't hum to life, it doesn't necessarily mean that the motor needs replacing. First, open the fuse box and check if any of the fuses has shorted out. Replace any busted fuses if necessary. If all the fuses are all in good condition, check if the plugs from the motor to the car battery have become loose or damaged. You should also check all the wiring running to the motor to make sure that there are no frayed wires. If you notice any damaged wiring, have them replaced by a professional to avoid the risk of electric shock. But if the source of the problem isn't with the wires or any of the components connected to the wiper motor, the problem could probably lie with the motor itself and has to be replaced.

The motor is running but the arm is not moving

On the other hand, if you can hear the motor running but the windshield wiper arm is not moving, the problem could be with one of the bolts that secure the wiper arm to the rest of the windshield wiper system. The bolts can loosen over time or get rusted shut, so tighten or replace the bolts if necessary. In some cases, a rusted return spring, hinge or joint mechanism may also cause the wiper to stop moving and may require lubrication and scrubbing with steel wool.

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  • Maintenance Tips for the Chevrolet Impala Windshield Wiper Motor

    The electric wiper motor in the Chevrolet Impala is responsible for making the windshield wiper move, so it's only imperative that it should be maintained properly to ensure consistent smooth operation of the wipers in your car. Maintenance of the Chevy Impala windshield wiper motor isn't that hard, and in case the motor or other wiper components in the vehicle need replacing, replacement parts are widely available. They can be installed in a jiffy.

    • Lubricate the motor regularly.
    • Regular lubrication of the wiper motor can help bring sluggish motors back to life. This only requires a bit of light grease, a 10mm socket wrench, and a flathead screwdriver. To start, remove the nuts, screws and harnesses securing the motor to the vehicle and wiper arms and take out the motor itself. Unscrew the motor cover, push on the gear shaft, and lift out the main gear. Use a rag and Q-tips to remove all of the old grease and apply a generous amount of new grease to the inner housing, turn screw, and the underside of the main gear as well as the area where it rests on the body housing. Make sure not to get grease on the metal disk on top of the gear, however, as this must be keep clean in order to make good contact with the three housing backplate contacts. Once all the parts have been lubricated, replace the cover and reattach the motor to the vehicle.
    • Inspect the wiring and fuses.
    • Look for cuts, fraying, and general signs of deterioration on the wires connected to the motor, and open the fuse box to see if all the fuses are in good condition. If any of the wires or fuses have been damaged, have them replaced immediately.
    • Check the mounting blocks and bushings for wear.
    • The wiper motor's mounting blocks and bushings are made of synthetic rubber and nylon and wear out over time, resulting in slop in the linkage and slower movement of the wipers. So if you notice cracks and disintegration in the mounting blocks and bushings in the motor, replace them as soon as possible.
    • Don't use the wiper to remove ice or snow.
    • Windshield wipers are not designed to remove ice, snow and hard particulates and may burn out the engine if forced to. If ice has formed on the windshield, remove any large chunks and allow the engine to run and defrost the windows long enough to melt the ice before using the wipers.