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Chevrolet K10 Dash Cover

How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Chevrolet K10 Dash Cover

Although it may seem undisturbed most of the time, your Chevrolet K10 dash cover is also subject to wear and tear like the rest of the truck parts. Without proper maintenance, your Chevy's dash cover may expose you to extreme heat from the sun as well as irritating dust. Learn how to care for your dash cover through these quick tips:

  • Get a dash cover that's custom-fit to your truck.

Given the wide range of aftermarket dash covers available, you'll need to choose one that is designed to precisely fit onto your truck's exact year, make, and model. Dash covers come in a variety of hues to match the interior of your vehicle.

Some covers allow you to customize the design so that they do not obstruct dashboard functions, sensors, glove boxes, etc. Due to increased concern about safety these days, you can be rest assured that new dash covers make way for air bags to function properly.

  • Place an adhesive dash cover for damaged dashboards.

If you want to retain your original dashboard, then putting an adhesive dash cover would be best. It covers any noticeable damage to your dashboard without requiring you to change the whole board. Think of it as placing a new "skin" pasted over the old one. Plus, there are a number of dashboard covers that extend from door to door. This way, you can revamp the entire dashboard without exerting much effort.

  • Wash the dash cover to remove dirt and dust.

When you notice that your dashboard is starting to accumulate dirt and dust, perform spot cleaning using warm water. You may also opt to use a car vacuum if there's only dust and crumbs. Avoid using harmful chemicals on the dash cover, as these may adversely affect some dash cover materials.

  • Use a windshield sun shade to protect your dash.

Although your dash is bound to fade over time, there are ways to slow it down. To defend your dashboard cover from premature fading, use a windshield sun shade that will block the sunlight from getting on your dashboard while your truck is parked.

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  • Stress-free Ways to Install a Chevrolet K10 Dash Cover

    Setting up a dash cover may seem like an easy task. However, missing one step of the installation process can turn the procedure into a mess. That is why it's critical to get the instructions right the first time. Here are a few ways you can try when installing a Chevrolet K10 dash cover:

    Tip #1: Get rid of dust and grime first.

    First things first. Guarantee that the dashboard surface is clean before you install your new dash cover. You can use a small cloth with denatured or rubbing alcohol to wipe off vinyl protectants, waxes, polishes, or preservatives from the areas where you will stick the "hook" fasteners.

    Keep in mind that some alcohol solutions may be harmful to your dash. Try using the rubbing alcohol first on an unseen area of the dash to ensure that no reactions happen with the vinyl. If you notice a chemical reaction, clean with a mild detergent instead.

    Tip #2: Do a test-fit before the actual dash cover installation.

    Some dash covers may not fit perfectly into your truck's dashboard. What you can do is to make minor adjustments using a utility knife or sandpaper when you test-fit your new dash cover. Cut or sand where needed, but be sure that you don't trim too much.

    Tip #3: Apply the adhesive only around the cover edges.

    After cleaning the underside of the dash cover, it's highly recommended that you apply the silicone adhesive only around the cover's edges and vent holes. As much as possible, do not put silicone on the middle areas of the dash cover.

    In addition, avoid making solid silicone beads; it's best to have spaces in between the silicone. One silicone tube that comes with the package is usually enough to snap the cover into its place.

    Tip #4: Don't force the cover if it doesn't fit.

    Aftermarket dash covers are designed to fit snugly into place and give a seamless appearance. If it doesn't fit well, a thin putty knife can be helpful in applying very little pressure to get the cover into place. Always remember that you should not have to force anything.