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Chevrolet K1500 Dash Cover

Keeping Your Chevrolet K1500 Dash Cover Clean

The Chevrolet K1500 is the predecessor of tough GM trucks like the Silverado and Sierra. It was a tough four wheel drive truck created to perform and serve on the American terrain. You can't argue that trucks like this Chevy is spent well doing its duties. But using it through years also takes a toll on the condition of its panels. Even though the dashboard is housed inside your cab, there is no escape from ageing due to the elements. One solution to that problem is the Chevrolet K1500 dash cover. This protective layer envelopes the panel to shield it from the sunlight and other harmful particles. So that you can benefit from its features over a long period of time, you should be able to take care of it properly. How do you do that exactly? Here are some tips.

  • Evaluate the condition of your dash cover. Also consider how often you use your truck.

The condition of your dash cover heavily relies on the following factors: frequency of driving the truck, places the truck goes to, and amount of exposure to elements. With of those in the equation, you can be able to gauge how bad the material of your cover has turned into. You might see discolorations, fading, unpleasant odor, wrinkles, and other issues. From there, consider how much cleaning work your cover will need to bring it back to its former glory.

  • Get the dust off the dash cover by using a vacuum and a quick rinse.

Dirty is the number one enemy of the materials used in the dash cover. This can start as tiny specks of dust forming on the surface. However, if you let them be, they can worsen and even develop stains. Depending on how dirty your cover has become, you can choose to clean it with a vacuum cleaner or you can wash the entire accessory. If you are just going to use the vacuum cleaner, gentle brush the nozzle back and forth to gather all the particles on the surface. As for washing, soak the material in water mixed with the appropriate detergent. Give it a good gentle scrub before rinsing and drying.

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  • How About You Try Out a New Chevrolet K1500 Dash Cover?

    The life cycle of every car part and accessory goes on and on. Even with the simplest of accessories like the Chevrolet K1500 dash cover, there is no escape from getting old and worn out. After battling constant use and exposure to elements, maybe it's already time to get a replacement for it. Perfect timing! Since you are giving your old Chevrolet K1500 a makeover, you might as well go the whole nine yards. You start with treating the body panels, followed by refreshing the interior trims. Mixing and matching for your concept can be a challenging task. But we're pretty sure that we can your aesthetic taste. Nevertheless, we believe that we should give you some tips if ever you are going for a new set of dash cover. So here it goes.

    Tip #1: Inspect the state of your dash board with the old cover.

    Before you start placing the new dash cover in your truck, you should make a quick inspection of the state of your dash with its old cover. Does the old cover have holes, tarnishes, and wrinkles. The old adhesives might not be as strong as before too. We just want you to have a good evaluation of the entire situation before you commit to any changes with your accessories.

    Tip #2: Dismantle the old dash cover carefully. Take note of adhesive residues as well.

    You have to clear out your dash board before you begin installing a new cover for it. For that, you have to carefully dismantle the old cover from the dash board. Make sure that there are no foreign objects that got stuck anywhere in that area. Also take note of any adhesive residues that will get left behind when you remove the old.

    Tip #3: Wipe your dash board clean.

    Just like a runway, you have to clear your entire dash board before you put on a new cover. That means wiping away all the dirt, smudges, and grime from the surface of your dash board.

    Tip #4: Mount your new dash cover.

    Now we're ready. Carefully mount the new dash cover over your instrument panel. Enjoy the new look!