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Chevrolet K1500 Fender Flares

Care Tips for Your Chevrolet K1500 Fender Flares that Leave Others in Awe

Being the four-wheel-drive variant of the Chevy truck line before the Silverado took over, the K1500 was the truck of choice for the bow tie aficionados. Its body lines proclaim the greatness of the vehicle even before you get to check out the mechanical components. That is why preserving the panels of the truck, like the Chevrolet K1500 fender flares, is still important. These panels do not come in stock in all variants. However, those equipped with them are able to keep more road debris in bay. Aside from that, these fender extensions also provide an added rugged appeal to your truck. They make it look wider and ready for off-road adventures. Having said all of those things, the fender flares deserve proper attention from you. Here are some care tips for these parts so you can always leave others in awe when they look at your truck.

  • Be a responsible driver and be extra careful when you are out on the road and trail.

Whatever your vehicle is, it is always highly advisable that you observe responsible driving and extra caution wherever you go. On the paved road, you risk your fender flares being damaged by hazards that you don't immediately spot. Likewise, swerving in and out of lanes can land you some serious fender benders. On the other hand, when you drive on the trail, always be on the lookout for boulders, branches, and other inanimate objects that can also cause your flares some harm. If you observe these preventive measures, your Chevy K1500 will thank you very much.

  • Show some tender loving care by including the fender flares in your truck's regular bath.

Of course, your truck deserves a good bath after all the hard work you put it into over a period of time. You rinse all of the panels with water from your hose. Point it an angle so that you can easily loosen up the dirt build-up on the surface. Follow it up with a thorough scrub using a wash mitt dipped in your car shampoo mixture. Don't forget to include the fender flares in this process.

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  • Installing Your Chevrolet K1500 Fender Flares without Any Issue

    You have been eyeing for a Chevrolet K1500 for quite some time now. The four wheel drive truck has gained significant attention for being Chevy's answer to the Ford F150 and Dodge Ram before the dawn of the millennium. Finally, you were able to spot one in the nearby county. After a few talks with the owner, you were able to convince him to sell his truck to you for a good price. The engine was running good and the interior is fine. However, the body needs a little bit of work because it has been enduring the elements and hard labor for years now. Now here is your chance to get some more tweaking with the way your newly-purchased truck looks. As you work on the body panels, you realized that your ride could use Chevrolet K1500 fender flares. It is perfect for improving the look of your truck as well as extending the protective feature of your fenders. Before you proceed, we would like to extend our hand to you in your goal. Here are some tips to be able to install the fender flares without any issue.

    Tip #1: Find the right fender flares for your Chevy truck.

    Fender flares have been a popular accessory for pick-up trucks for years. Because of that, a lot of these panels have been produced by companies, be it original equipment spec or fabricated. As you search for a set that will be mounted to your truck, consider the modifications you want to put into it. Things to consider includes the specific model of your truck, the kind of wheels and tires you want to use, and the suspension set-up that you have.

    Tip #2: Inspect and take measurements of the area where the panels will be mounted.

    It is a good idea to inspect the panels where you will be mounting the fender flares. You have to ask if it is full of bondo, not straight enough, and have rusted areas. Once you have cleared any issues, take measurements and match it with your accessory. After that, you are already set to mount the panels.

    Tip #3: Bring out the flares and install them.

    At last, you are cleared for the installation. Carefully mount the flares as instructed in the manual. Enjoy your refreshed truck!