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Chevrolet K20 Pickup Parts and Chevrolet K20 Pickup Accessories

Interesting Facts about the Chevrolet K20 Pickup

  • Utilizing the highly popular naming system that General Motors introduced for their full-size pickup trucks from Chevrolet and GMC, the Chevrolet K20 pickup pertained to a three-quarter ton, four-wheel drive pickup. The Chevrolet K20 belonged to the C/K line of pickups from Chevrolet with 'C' referring to the two-wheel drive pickups. The '20' in the K20 name indicated the hauling capacity of the pickup truck with '10' referring to a half-ton pickup and '30' referring to a one-ton pckup.

  • The Chevrolet pickup trucks had twin pickups from General Motor's GMC badge. Although the GMC versions of the Chevrolet pickups were supposed to represent the luxury line of trucks from General Motors, the upgrades that the Chevrolets were endowed with eventually made both Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks basically the same.

  • 1967 to 1972 meant a swan-like transformation for the Chevrolet K20 as the Chevrolet pickups entered its 'glamour' era. With more and more families looking for a bigger, more functional alternative to the family sedan, Chevrolet churned out more stylish and more comfortable 'personalized' pickups dubbed as the 'glamour' pickups.

  • As part of the Chevrolet pickup lineup, the Chevrolet K20 is one of three full-size pickups to be included in the National Insurance Crime Bureau's list of the top ten most stolen vehicles in America in 2011. The Chevrolet pickup truck was the most stolen vehicle in South Dakota and the seventh most stolen vehicle nationwide. It was joined in the list by Honda Accord in the top spot and the full-size Ford pickup and the full-size Dodge Pickup in the third and eighth places respectively.

  • The Chevrolet C/K pickup series was among the longest-running vehicle names of General Motors. Introduced in 1960 and replaced by the Chevrolet Silverado in 1999, the Chevrolet C/K pickups enjoyed almost 40 years in the market.

  • A Chevrolet K20, used as an airport ambulance in Zurich for ten years, was donated by Intermedic to the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland. After serving as an airport ambulance for 1984 to 1994, the Chevrolet K20 was used by Intermedic for a couple more years before finally being immortalized as a cultural artifact by the Swiss Museum of Transport in 2002.

Chevrolet K20 Pickup Articles

  • Chevrolet K20 Pickup Problems

    As one of the pickups with the longest history, the Chevrolet K20 Pickup also has a long line of owners. Boasting rugged quality and heavy-duty performance, the K20 Pickup has proven to be among the top choices in its segment. However, even with quite a lot of units sold, the Chevy K20 Pickup is still not immune to some of the usual car problems-especially among the older models. For those who own a Chevy K20 Pickup, here are some of the most common issues to watch out for.

    Brake system

    One of the most common and important issues of the Chevrolet K20 Pickup involves its brake system. Quite a number of drivers have noted problems with the anti-lock braking system that resulted to increased stopping distances and delayed braking; both of which can result to crash accidents.

    Another more pressing problem with some Chevy K20 Pickups is the corrosion of the brake lines. Several drivers and auto repair mechanics have reported cases of corroded brake lines in Chevy K20 Pickups that caused leaking of the brake fluid. This often leads to complete loss of braking power.

    Visibility problems

    Apart from the braking system, another familiar problem among Chevy K20 Pickup owners are faulty windshield wipers. Some Chevy K20 Pickup drivers might experience windshield wipers that work intermittently, if at all, during rainstorms and other bad weather. There are also some cases wherein the windshield wipers had to be manually pushed to get them started. These issues with the windshield wipers are usually a result of malfunctioning wiper motors.

    Other issues

    Chevrolet also issued recalls for the Chevy K20 seats from 1992 to 1994. Some of the seats did not have the proper mounting bolts or bolts that were not properly tightened. The bolts of these Chevy K20 seats can loosen or come off completely which can risk the stability of the seats.

    Recalls for lower control arms and leaf spring assemblies whose bolts were not torqued properly were also issued. These bolts can also come loose and cause damage to the other components of the suspension system.