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Chevrolet K2500 Mirror Switch

Culprits behind the Common Problems of the Chevrolet K2500 Mirror Switch

Powered mirrors make life easier, especially that you can adjust them without sticking your hand outside the window-all you have to do is press on the mirror switch. But over time, you will experience a power mirror that doesn't respond to the switch. Yes, your Chevrolet K2500 mirror switch can go bad. So learning the common culprits behind these problems is a great idea. Take note of these troubleshooting tips:

Bad contacts

Having bad contacts is one of the reasons why your mirror won't work when you use the mirror switch. In this case, you need to remove the switch panel from the door and make sure to disconnect all plugs or wires that are attached. This is needed so you can access the contacts inside the mirror switch. Using screwdrivers to pry the cover should work, but be careful not to break the switch housing. And once you have opened the switch, look for your contacts and clean them using a cotton swab, carburetor cleaner, and sandpapers cut into small pieces. Cleaning your switch's contacts should make your mirror switch work again. Keep in mind also that you should only blame the contacts if the fuses are good and that enough power is supplied.

Faulty switch

If your mirror doesn't move, you should first check if the mirror switch is working properly. To do this, you need to disconnect all wires from your switch and connect to them the leads of the multimeter instead. This should tell whether the mirror switch is faulty or not. If the multimeter reads 12 volts or higher, then the switch is fine. Otherwise, you have to buy a new mirror switch to replace the faulty one. Remember, though, that you may have to put your key on in the ignition when you test your switch.

Burned fuse

In the event the mirror still doesn't respond to the switch, although the multimeter test shows that the switch is in good condition, you will need to check your fuse box for a blown fuse. If you don't know where your car's fuse box is, you can refer to your car manual to find its location. Should the fuse is blown out or melted, remove it and install a new one. Replacing the bad fuse should easily solve this problem.

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  • Helpful Tips to Keep Your Chevrolet K2500 Mirror Switch in Good Condition

    You need to take good care of your Chevrolet K2500 mirror switch. In this way, you can save your valuable time and money by not having to fix it and not buying a replacement switch. To help you maintain your mirror switch in good condition, follow these useful tips:

    Clean the contacts.

    Dirty contacts can cause your mirror switch to become faulty, so cleaning the contacts from time to time is advised. This process may take some time, though, as you have to remove the switch and all the connections. Also, prying out the switch panel and removing the switch housing using screwdrivers may require some patience. But once you have opened the switch and located the contacts, you just have to clean them using a cotton swab with carburetor cleaner and scrub them using small 320-grit sandpapers.

    Make sure the wirings are good.

    Just like in all electronics, the wirings are critical to the functionality of the mirror switch as these provide power from and to the motor and the mirror. That's why it's important to remember checking for any loose wiring, especially if you have changed or fixed something near the switch.

    Avoid spilling liquids on the switch.

    Drinking soft drinks, water, or juices inside vehicles is a common thing. That's why it's also common that you accidentally spill your drink on the controls of your car, including the mirror switch. Once wet, the switch may begin to malfunction, which will eventually result to a broken switch. Also, spilling liquids on it may cause bigger problems that may affect the other electrical components in your car. So the next time you have a drink inside your vehicle, place it in a safe and secure area like the cup holder.

    Handle it with care.

    There are different kinds of mirror switch. Some have buttons that need to be pressed while others have a knob that needs to be turned. Regardless of the design of your mirror switch, you need to handle it with care. Don't press too hard on the buttons, and go easy when turning the knob. The last thing you want to do is to stick your hand out during a heavy rain just to adjust the mirror because the buttons or the knob of your switch doesn't function anymore.