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Chevrolet K3500 Step Bumper

Problems with the Chevrolet K3500 Step Bumper

The step bumper of a Chevrolet K3500 is a pretty tough and solid piece on the body. Seldom does this part face major issues that have drastic consequences. The problems associated with the bumper aren't usually caused by a defective item. Rather, the roots of these are usually found with natural or external factors that you can easily work on. The following are some of the scenarios wherein you may have trouble with your Chevy's step bumper and the reasons behind their occurrence:

Rust patches

Patches of rust are the biggest concern of the K3500's step bumper. Even in small amounts, these mostly damage steel's looks and integrity. Corrosion usually comes up-but not limited to-in two areas: around the truck's tail pipe and on the corners. Moisture and heat from the tail pipe placed on the steel bumper easily promote rusting. As far as the corners and the rest of the part are concerned, dirt on it has the same effect. A bigger inducer of rust is salt placed on slick roads during the winter. Try your best to clean these off to solve the problem.

Tilted bumpers

A step bumper takes considerable amount of abuse every time you use your truck. Sooner or later, you may find this misaligned with the rest of the body pieces. This looks very ugly and awkward even if your truck looks clean and shiny. Loose screws and bolts that are supposed to properly and tightly hold the step bumper in place are the culprits behind this type of problem. Simply adjusting these should return the bumper to its right place and restore the good looks of your truck. Don't worry about the shape of the bumper because chances are this is actually still straight and intact.

Towing issues

The strong and powerful Chevrolet K3500 is an ideal vehicle for towing. In some cases, you may decide to install special attachments to increase the truck's pulling load. If it appears as if those extra products don't seem to mesh well on your vehicle, it may be necessary to replace your current step bumper or your add-on to make things more compatible. The same idea can also be used with regards to license-plate holders, lights, and other accessories on the same area.

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  • Three Tips to Properly Care for a Chevrolet K3500 Step Bumper

    The step bumper at the end of your Chevrolet K3500 has multiple functions for your truck. First, this gives the rear a complete and beautiful look. Second, it acts as a boost to provide people an easy access to the bed. Lastly, this piece of metal is a protector to your K3500 in the event of a rear-end collision. It's important that you maintain this part of your truck in order for it to do its various jobs. The following are three tips on how to properly care for your Chevy's step bumper:

    Install or replace step-bumper pads.

    Almost all step bumpers for the Chevy K3500 are made of steel: a very tough material that is becomes very vulnerable if not properly taken care of. However, as an exterior item, these are prone to different forms of damage. Since you usually place your foot on these, chances are you put stain, dirt, and dents on the surface. Rain and dust can also damage the looks of the bumpers. You can install some new rubber pads-or replacement ones if yours originally came with one-on the bumpers to give it some protection. Even if the pads don't completely cover the steel, some shield is better than none.

    Maintain fit and alignment.

    As you use your Chevy for heavy-duty needs, you may hit it to the ground because of a massive load on the bed, unexpected bumps, or accidents. These knocks can alter the placement of the bumper. Check that it keeps a good fit on your truck. You can adjust the screws, bolts, welds and other materials found underneath the bumper's surface. The result should be one that's level and aligned along with the rest of the vehicle.

    Know the bumper's weight capacity.

    A step bumper can only take a considerable amount of weight when you stand on it or when you attach a hitch on it for towing. That number varies depending on what type you have on your truck. No matter the exact value, it's important that you are aware of it so that you won't find the one on your truck suddenly unattached. Putting too much weight on it can also damage the frame of your Chevy.