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Chevrolet Knock Sensor

Your Chevy knock sensor is an ingenious little device, a marvel of modern technology that serves to protect the more delicate precision parts of your combustion system, such as the pistons, and to regulate the timing of the ignition spark itself. When the timing of the ignition spark is off, the fuel can ignite too soon, and when this happens, it can also ignite in the wrong spot, which, in addition to potentially damaging pistons, spark plugs, rods, and exhaust valves, causes engine knock or ping. The vibration of this knocking or pinging is picked up by the sensitive Chevy knock sensor and the piezoelectric element within it produces a voltage, which serves as the signal to the main computer that there needs to be an adjustment to the timing of the spark. With this important input from the Chevy knock sensor, the main computer is able to work towards finding the right timing to eliminate the pinging or knocking. The Chevy knock sensor is a reasonably priced part and it is not an excessively difficult replacement to make, and in light of the important role it plays in the protection of the many more expensive and much more difficult to replace parts of your combustion system, it just makes sense to take care of a failed Chevy knock sensor as soon as possible. You'll find that we carry the right Chevy knock sensor for your year and model at a price that is sure to compare well with what the average dealership is asking for their Chevy knock sensor replacement, and ordering will be a safe and streamlined process, whether you choose to place your order via our secure site or with a toll-free phone call.