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Chevrolet Lumina Head Gasket

How to Diagnose a Failing Chevrolet Lumina Head Hasket

A Chevrolet Lumina head gasket is built tough. It shouldn't exhibit any problems as long as your engine doesn't overheat often and proper combustion is usually achieved. But if your Chevrolet Lumina head gasket seems to be blown, you'll most probably experience one or several of the issues below:

Significant dip in engine performance

If your engine is being sluggish or won't start at all, there's a big possibility that your Chevrolet Lumina head gasket is blown. This is the result of the loss in compression that's caused by a tear, a leak, or other issues within the head gasket.

Bubbles in the radiator

Yes, a blown Chevrolet Lumina head gasket can make its presence felt within your radiator. You can confirm this by firing up your engine. Once it's warm, check if bubbles have manifested in the radiator. There's a good chance that your head gasket is blown if bubbles are indeed present.

Irregularities in the exhaust

A blown Chevrolet Lumina head gasket can also be identified by observing your exhaust pipe. You'll notice irregularities in your exhaust if your head gasket isn't in a good condition. For instance, your Lumina may emit unusually white smoke instead of the typical color. That may be accompanied by a sweet smell, too. On top of those, water may also be coming out of the pipe.

Oil contamination

Check if coolant has made its way to your Lumina's oil supply. Coolant and oil, like water and oil, simply don't mix well. If the oil has been contaminated, there's definitely a problem with your Chevrolet Lumina head gasket. One sure sign of contamination is when the oil cap becomes surrounded by a whitish ring.

Aside from coolant, water can also contaminate oil. You know those two hate each other. Basically, this isn't a good sign for your head gasket.

Coolant contamination

If oil contamination can occur because of a blown head gasket, so does coolant contamination. Again, it's not normal for coolant and oil to mix. If oil has made its way into the cooling system, it can severely affect the flow of coolant and cause overheating problems.

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