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Chevrolet LUV Parts and Chevrolet LUV Accessories

Six Interesting Facts about the Chevrolet LUV

  • The adorable name that perfectly suited the American mini-truck's fun size actually stands for "Light Utility Vehicle." It was the first Japanese-manufactured vehicle that bore an American nameplate. After obtaining partial ownership of Isuzu Motors, Ltd., General Motors bought the Japanese automaker's trucks and just slapped Chevrolet badges on them. The Chevrolet LUV was actually a variant of Isuzu Faster, which was sold exclusively in Japan.

  • Despite the truck being labeled as "nothing special" by the press, the limited-release Chevrolet LUV sold well for the company. On its first year alone, the automaker sold 21,098 units. The following year, Chevrolet LUV sales rose to 39,422 trucks, urging the company to expand its availability to more Chevy dealers. Sales continued to rise by tens of thousands until 1980, when the automaker stopped making changes to the truck and disappointed a lot of fans.

  • The addition of the four-wheel drive option to the LUV line for 1979 was so impressive that Motor Trend named the 4x4 vehicle as the magazine's "Truck of the Year." Motor Trend admired how the new variant handled its independent front suspension as if it were a small sports car. They also praised the quietness of its front-drive gears, among others.

  • First sold in North America in 1972, two generations of the Chevrolet LUV were released in the market until 1981, the same year as the Chevrolet S-10 was introduced. However, production of the second-generation LUV continued in South America until 1988, when a third generation was released in the region.

  • The third-generation Chevrolet LUV was based on the Japanese-market Isuzu Faster and Isuzu Rodeo pickup trucks, and it lasted from 2005 until the fourth and last generation was introduced. The last of the series, however, is now a rebadged version of the Isuzu D-Max.

  • Motorcity, an animated television series about a group of hot-rod wielding rebels that is currently aired on Disney XD, originally had a character named Luv after the Chevrolet mini-truck. However, right before they released the pilot episode, the creators changed his name to Dutch Gordy. This character is known among the show's fans as the techie artist among the rebel group.

Chevrolet LUV Articles

  • Chevrolet LUV Problems

    The Chevrolet LUV is a mini-pickup truck sold in the Americas from 1972 until 1981 (North America) and 2005 (South America). Even though it bore the American automaker's nameplate, the truck was actually built by Isuzu Motors, a Japanese car company. As partial owner of the Japanese automaker, General Motors bought units of Isuzu Faster, slapped the Chevrolet badge on them, and sold them as the Chevrolet LUV. This was the American automaker giant's no-hassle answer to the rising popularity of Japanese vehicles in the United States. Even though the company already stopped selling the Chevrolet LUV, units are still sold in used markets. This is why owners of this model should watch out for the following common problems:

    Spark plugs

    A huge issue with the Chevrolet LUV is the hard starting especially when it is cold. While this can be caused by various factors, it is better for owners to make sure that the spark plug is fully functional. Chevrolet LUV owners are also recommended to put their truck in a heated garage to keep its engine warm.

    Idle circuit

    Many Chevrolet LUV trucks, particularly those from the first generation, have a problem with not being able to idle if the driver takes off his or her foot off of the throttle. This is usually caused by a faulty idle circuit. To fix this, warm up the engine and rev up to about 3,000 rpm. Hold it steady and slam the choke flap on the carburetor shut for about one or two seconds at the same time. Do this a couple of times to make the idle circuit work normally again.

    Front suspension upper control arm

    The front suspension upper control arm shaft attaching bolts may loosen on the Chevrolet LUV. This condition can result in incorrect front wheel alignment and a noticeable increase in steering effort. If this is not corrected, the attaching bolts may fall out or pull through the frame bracket. The unattached control arm shaft could chafe against the brake pipe and lead to the pipe's failure. Chevrolet LUV owners are advised to have the front suspension upper control arm shaft attachment replaced.