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Chevrolet Malibu Camshaft Position Sensor

Your Chevrolet Malibu camshaft position sensor is one of the parts that do not easily wear out or break down, but once it does, it will surely affect your ride's performance. This sensor plays an important role in monitoring the position of the rotating camshafts. Without it, the ECU won't be able to get the information it needs to synchronize firing the spark plugs and injecting fuel into the combustion system. So make sure that you check your systems regularly to avoid sensor damage. By doing this, you can maximize your Chevy's fuel efficiency and reliability.

Some signs of a broken Chevrolet Malibu camshaft position sensor are the following: excessively long cranking time during cold vehicle start-ups, rough engine operation, poor idling, stumbling and hesitation when accelerating, and lower fuel mileage. Its worst symptom is the absence of spark in the combustion chamber. Should you notice any of these symptoms, you've got to replace this sensor right away. However, before you start shopping for a replacement, make sure you know the location of your Chevy Malibu's camshaft sensor. Some sensors are designed specifically for a certain location, so knowing where it will be installed will narrow down the choices and ensure you avoid the hassle of having to return the product.

Once you've purchased the right Chevrolet Malibu camshaft position sensor, take out the broken sensor from your auto by removing the bolts that hold it in place. Remove the plugs that connect it to the fuel system then take off the casing. Afterwards, find the cylinder head and install the sensor replacement by placing an o-ring on the sensor, putting it on top of the cylinder head, and tightening the bolts. Connect the electrical connectors to the sensor; make sure that the connector is securely locked in place. Reconnect the sensor to the fuel injection system, reattach the bolts, cover it with its casing, and test if it works properly.

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