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Chevrolet Malibu Grille

Chevy Malibu Grille Issues

Your Chevy Malibu grille sure looks dashing. That won't always be the case, though. You may have to deal with grille issues at some point. The potential problems are described below.


The line it's just a scratch certainly doesn't apply to your Chevy Malibu grille. It's because scratches, regardless of the size, are never okay on your grille. All they do is bring down your grille's style points. Fortunately, scratches aren't permanent. In fact, there are more than a few ways to erase them. Polishing and sandpapering (the latter is mostly used for deep scratches) are some of these.


If the shirt that you're wearing right now can be victimized by stains, so can your Chevy Malibu grille. Yes, stains can indeed develop on your grille if you allow dirt, dust, and mud to sit on it for far too long. To prevent stains, wipe away the said impurities as soon as they land on your grille-don't let them to make a home out of it. All you need to get rid of them is plain dish soap and water, after all. So yeah, do that before the grime buildup turns into hard-to-remove stains.

It's too late for that, you say? The dirt, dust, and mud on your grille have already become stains? If that's the case, good old soap and water won't be enough to keep your grille clean-stains won't budge with just those. You'll need the help of specialized cleaning agents. You can use branded cleaning solutions that are sold in most automotive parts stores or home remedies such as distilled vinegar (mixed with warm water) to eliminate stains.


Dents are far worse than both scratches and stains since these tend to stand out quite easily. But before you start thinking of replacing your Chevy Malibu grille, know this: it can still be repaired. That's true; and just like scratches, there are several ways to get rid of dents. You'll need the help of tools such as plungers, dry ice, or hammers, though. It may take some work, but at least dents are repairable.

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  • Maintenance Tips: Chevy Malibu Grille

    Your Chevy Malibu grille needs some love, too. It doesn't ask for much anyway, so you might as well give it just that. With that said, below are some of the things that you can do to keep your Chevy Malibu grille in excellent condition.

    Give your grille a bath.

    Indeed, a bit of soap and water will do your Chevy Malibu grille a lot of good. Don't worry as you won't have to do this every day (or even every week). Giving your Chevy Malibu grille a bath on occasion should be enough to prevent the buildup of grime. You see, impurities such as mud, dirt, and dust can settle on your grille if you don't pay attention to it. And if you let them sit there for a long time, they can-and will-develop into stains that can be difficult to remove.

    If you kept putting off your grille-washing duties, chances are that your Chevy Malibu grille may already be inhabited with stains. And unfortunately, plain soap and water won't do much against such blemishes. You'll need the help of specialized cleaning agents in this case. You can go for the branded cleaning solutions, which can be bought in most automotive parts stores, or choose to be practical by opting for home remedies such as distilled vinegar. Going for the more practical route (which is the latter) is a particularly good idea since you most probably won't have to spend extra. It's likely that you have distilled vinegar in your kitchen, after all. If you indeed have a bottle of vinegar, mix some of it with warm water. Use the resulting solution to wipe away any stains that are present on your grille.

    A bit of shine wouldn't hurt.

    It's not really necessary; however, a bit of shine most definitely won't hurt. In fact, polishing your Chevy Malibu regularly is highly advised since doing so can go a long way in keeping it looking like new. Scratches on your grille can also be erased by doing this.

    Polishing your Chevy Malibu grille is as simple as polishing your shoe. All you have to do is to apply a sufficient amount of polishing solution on a rag or a piece of cloth and use it to wipe your grille. Repeat the process until you cover all the areas and achieve your desired level of shine.