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Chevrolet Malibu Window Visor

Protect Your Chevrolet Malibu Window Visor from Damage with These Quick Tips

Your car's window visor serves as your shield against rain, especially when driving under harsh weather. It ensures that there is an exchange of natural air inside your car, therefore maintaining proper ventilation in the interior. It also keeps fog off the windshield and prevents rainwater from coming in during rainy days. To sustain your Chevrolet Malibu window visor's functionality, you have to give it proper care and maintenance through these tips:

  • Check the window visors periodically.

Early detection of window visor problems can save you from having to purchase new ones. Whenever you have time or during your regular car-cleaning schedule, make it a point to examine the window visors for signs of damage. It can be a crack, a hole, or a loose fastening—all these may lead to bigger problems if not taken care of immediately.

  • Wash the visors using an ammonia-free cleaner.

Always spend a few minutes of your time in cleaning the window visors. You can use soap and water to wash off dirt and grime from the visor's surface. But if you want a more thorough cleaning, it's best to use a plastic cleaner. Just be sure that it's ammonia-free so it won't do any harm to your vehicle.

  • Eliminate scratches with a polish.

To make your window visors look eternally sleek and shiny, you need to keep scratches and damage from getting to the visors; but it's easier said than done. So when the vent visors do get scratched, it's up to you to restore their classy finish. This can be done by applying a clear plastic cleaner and polish.

Using cutting-edge technology, most cleaners today are equipped with chemicals that help remove light oxidation, chemical degradation, stains, and light scratches. With a plastic cleaner and polish, you can erase light scratches on your window visors instead of spending bucks for a replacement.

Although your window visors may seem undisturbed most of the time, keeping them clean is still key to their long lifespan. Remember that the visors are responsible for keeping proper ventilation inside your vehicle while you hold your windows partially open. So keep them in good shape by checking them out once in a while.

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  • Three Pre-Installation Tips for a Chevrolet Malibu Window Visor

    Installing your brand-new Chevrolet Malibu window visor doesn't require expert-level automotive skills. Since window visors usually come in two types—clip-on and stick-on type—setting it up on your vehicle is relatively quick and simple. But before you start the ball rolling, you might consider taking a look at these installation reminders:

    Tip #1: Choose the window visor that fits your car well.

    Given the lot of window visors being sold in the market, selecting the best one for your vehicle can get frustrating. You can set a criteria in choosing the right kind of vent visors, such as the size and the type of visor. Keep in mind that the visor fits onto the upper portion of your car's window, so the size you should get must be able to cover the entire upper window lip. Moreover, getting a window visor made of tough material is ideal as it will result in a good fit on your window, and it won't easily get damaged during installation. If you want to show off a bit of creativity, you can also purchase customized visors from any car body shop.

    Tip #2: Prepare your vehicle by cleaning it.

    It's all in the preparation—no matter how fine the quality of the visor is, if your car window is filled with dust and dirt during the installation, then there's no way for it to properly stick into your windows. Make sure that you clean the car windows first so the visors' adhesive can stick fast naturally. Some visors come with alcohol wipes included in the package. But if your Chevrolet Malibu window visor kit doesn't have this, you can use an alternative cloth and rubbing alcohol to get rid of the dirt from the window's surface.

    Tip #3: Don't deviate from the instructions.

    Although it may seem old-school, reading through the installation manual differentiates a successful installation from a messy one. Make sure that you carefully follow the instructions as stated by the manual, and place the window visor where the installation guide indicates. Once finished, you may want to step back a little to examine if the visors are aligned properly.