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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Parts and Chevrolet Monte Carlo Accessories

At the height of the era when big engines and burning tires were worshipped, Chevrolet positioned themselves with their introduction of the Monte Carlo. The Chevy's new model competed against the Pontiac Grand Prix and Buick Riviera in the personal performance luxury car division. But the ill-fated muscle car era fell out of flavor in Detroit as the world realized the finite supply of petroleum. People began to seek smaller engines and compact cars. Thus the short life of the muscle car ended almost as soon as it began.
Though this was the case, the Monte Carlo held its ground and proved its dominance by selling 145,975 units on its first year. This might be caused by the unique design and impressive road performance. Powered by 350 cubic inch 454 V8 360 and 450bhp at 500 lb-ft torque in 3,200 rpm, V8 engine, the Monte Carlo gave the market another reason to buy a Monte Carlo. In the years that followed, the Monte Carlo felt the decline in demand. The SS545 sold only 1,919 units. After some downsizing and redesign, Chevy finally gave up the Monte Carlo together with Impala in mid-80s. Thought the Impala was briefly resurrected in the 90s, the Monte Carlo remained out of sight.
The Monte Carlo finally returned in 2001, a year later than the comebacking model Impala. This time, the Monte Carlo has resurrected itself by undergoing major redesigns but retains the concept of the original Monte Carlo. The under hood power of the returning Monte Carlo is the 3.8-liter engine, but it was downsized to V6 rather than the original V8. The problem is that some Japanese cars even use more powerful engines than that of the Monte Carlo. Say for example, the Nissan Altima and the Acura TL with 260 hp and 270 ph engine respectively. The original Monte Carlo known for its power and big engine was overshadowed by newer models.
Nevertheless, the Chevrolet Monte Carlo has something to be proud of. No other nameplate has won more NASCAR Winston Cup races and championships than the 2005 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo. The performance of this car is totally magnificent. With three trims to choose from (LS, LT, and the Supercharged SS), you can either have the standard performance up to the ultimate Supercharged SS which will soon be available in the small-block 5.3 liter V8 engine in 2006, carrying the new name LS4. With this upcoming model, the Monte Carlo will regain its dominance in the sporting class.